Green Chick

Have you ever eaten green garbanzo beans?

I spotted them at Whole Foods in the freezer section. Added half a bag to a whole package of frozen kale, and ding donged til cooked through.

Green on Green

(Wafu dressings are so good!)

Bread Crumbs Shower

The garbanzos don’t taste like regular chickpeas – almost edamame-esque?

I followed my bowl of greens with a megawatt dessert plate

For some reason I despise licorice (cherry and black) but am nuts about strawberry. Twizzlers are da bomb.

Speaking of sweets….

There have been some amazing New Orleans features on The Food Network lately!

Just 83 Days til X-mas….

Sadly it will be too cold for Snowballs when I’m there…

…but this will be mine…

…oh yes, it will be mine.


10 thoughts on “Green Chick

  1. Ida

    I’ve seen fresh garbanzo beans at the store, they are in a green pod and look really good. I just have no idea how to make them.

  2. brokencookiesdontcount

    I am right there with you when it comes to Twizzlers! They are THE road trip snack for Ralph and me. We devoured our share and more on our recent almost month long trip to Colorado and NM. They sweet, they take a while to eat and they’re NOT messy…what more can you ask for in a snack!!

  3. cristin

    I went home this summer during snowball season. FINALLY! Got my family’s fave: nectar with condensed milk. So so good.

  4. vanillasugarblog

    83 days till xmas? lololol
    on a ferry ride back from martha’s vineyard to cape caaaaaaaad, i saw a giant bodybuilder guy with a plastic (see thru bag) filled with what looked to be 3 giant bags of red Twizzlers. Did I watch him eat ‘almost’ the whole bag of Twizzlers on the 1 hour ride? Of course I did. Did I go ask him why did he eat so many? No, I was scared. lol

  5. Lindsay

    I used to dock in NOLA when I worked for Carnival Cruise Lines…and beignets are AMAZING! However if you ever go, do Cafe DuMonde AND right across the square from CafeD is a place called Stanley’s. A-MAZING breakfast, like banana’s foster french toast and Egg’s Stanley, which is cornmeal crusted oysters on top of eggs benedict. Yeah. THat good.

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