Larchmont Farmers Market and the Grammy Museum

It’s so nice to have a fellow food blogger in the neighborhood! This morning I met up with Angela Kim (who you may have heard on APM’s “The Splendid Table”) and we hit the Larchmont Farmer’s Market.


She picked through leaves, I picked up some flowers…


…and then we started sampling!


Tapenades from Domenico’s Foods, Cream Cheese Scones from Sugarbird Sweets


Mom’s Products Olives


Apple and Peach Pie shots from Cutie Pie That.



And as usual, tons o fruit


I tried jujubes this time! They taste very apple-esque and crisp – not too sweet


After parting ways, I headed downtown with Abe


(Can you believe the side of a major highway looks like the set of a high school play?)


We checked out the Grammy Museum at L.A. Live. No pix to share, unfortunately.


It’s a small museum but we had fun…the weekend’s a good time to go – it was pretty empty so all the recording booths were free. That’s right, we laid down some tracks!

But seriously, if you want to hear some music Abe and I did a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away) check out our band’s ancient myspace page.


13 thoughts on “Larchmont Farmers Market and the Grammy Museum

  1. Healthy Coconut

    I went to Nokia Live recently and saw some sort of (music related) museum but I’m not sure this was it.

    Too bad you couldn’t take pictures, I would love to see the inside of it.

    Oh man…I don’t think I can remember my log-in for my MySpace account anymore.

  2. Lauren

    One. Love the new font! And two. I MISS YOu!!!! I feel like I haven’t heard from you in so long. 🙁 How are you lady!?!?!

  3. elise

    that sky line relaly does look fake. i refuse to believe that youre turning 35 in a few months. i just read that in amandas comments section. i really never would have guessed. you look well over a decade younger.

  4. Oats n' Bows

    Those flowers are so pretty that they don’t even look real!

    Ancient is right. I don’t think I’ve seen the word “myspace” in 5 years. But it’s still rockin’ regardless 🙂

  5. Lindsay

    You make me miss Cali like WHOA…altho Korea has some street food…I haven’t found an amazing farmer’s market in Seoul yet! I’ll have to live bi-cariously through you and your Cali eats for the next few years….

  6. angela

    Lynn, you are an awesome Farmer’s Market companion! Loved stopping at each of the stalls and enjoying all the fruit samples.Captured the day perfectly!

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