L’Shanah Tovah

No Rosh Hashanah celebration dinner last night. But I did incorporate some apples and honey into the meal.


During the day, I pressed a package of thawed leafy greens from Whole Foods


Sauteed in Coconut Oil with Crushed Garlic, Ginger, and the juice of a lemon


There’s the apple…


…and there’s the honey


No Challah, but we had leftover corn muffins from The Farm in the freezer


Toasted and crumbled on top



Dessert was inspired by the holiday too – a chocolate covered coconut macaroon with nuts (okay, fine, it was an Almond Joy)…


…and a little piece of vegan blintz


Cold peaches + hot cocoa to ring in the sweet new year


If you celebrated, what was on the menu?

There’s a lovely little review of “Surrogate Valentine” in The Village Voice – we have our NYC theatrical release for one week at the ReRun Gastropub Theater in Brooklyn starting tomorrow!!!


FRIDAY, September 30 (7pm, 10pm)
SATURDAY, October 1 (1pm)
MONDAY, October 3 (7pm, 10pm)
TUESDAY, October 4 (7pm, 10pm)
WEDNESDAY, October 5 (7pm, 10pm)
THURSDAY, October 6 (7pm)

  • http://www.microcosmoflife.com Emma

    I adore challah, but corn muffins sound great too! Is that a tofu press you used to press the greens? What a smart idea!

    • http://theactorsdiet.wordpress.com Lynn at The Actors Diet

      yes it’s my tofu press!

  • http://www.caitplusate.com Caitlin C.

    Congrats on the great reviews!!

  • Courtney J.

    God, I love your weird one-bowl meals. They make me feel like making dinner at home is so totally doable, and I have no excuse. Keep it up!

  • http://www.acaseoftheruns.com Julie (A Case of the Runs)

    I had apple/honey last night, but you definitely fulfilled the criteria too! (Also on the menu was fish, lots of fish, and fried matzo). Congrats on the release! Hope it goes well!

  • Natasha

    Happy NY…so did you take on the Jewish faith? Congrats too on the release..uber supa star you are!
    Check out Smitten Kitchen – she had a beautiful recipe for Challah…
    – Natasha

    • http://theactorsdiet.wordpress.com Lynn at The Actors Diet

      no…we’re not at all religious – but i love the traditions associated with holidays…okay, i love the food…

  • http://livelovenyc.blogspot.com Vegetarian in the City

    Happy New Year! Although I’m not Jewish, a few of my friends are and it’s fun learning about the traditions!

  • http://twitter.com/LeslieSarna LeslieSarna.com

    The spinach looks fab! And I’m so excited about your movie!

  • http://seanerobins.wordpress.com Feed The Monster

    That looks delicous!