Perfect Pie

How cute is Marian the Foodie (and her phone)?!? We had a late afternoon meetup at Bricks and Scones


Dinner last night = odds and ends from the fridge


  • 2 Yves Veggie dogs, chopped
  • Crushed garlic/ginger
  • Red cabbage + carrot shreds
  • Brown rice
  • Sprinkle Seasoning Salt
  • Squirt of Bragg Liquid Aminos




…but not bad


Banana Cream Pie from Border Grill, however, was a home run


Abe and I both flipped out over this dessert


Bananas? Perfect. Whipped Cream? Perfect. Crust?


Yes, that was perfect too.


Afterwards, we went to see a friend’s play reading


There was cake at the theater. But I was still pie-whipped so I had none.


Would you rather have cake or pie?

Usually I would choose cake. But last night the pie won.


20 thoughts on “Perfect Pie

  1. Avery

    Pie! I’m definitely more of a pie person, mostly for the buttery crumbly crusts, though I’m a sucker for a good custard based fruit tart.

  2. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog)

    I love Marian’s phone!!! Hello Kitty is my favorite, I just bought a new HK camera case and mouse pad. I so need that cell case. 🙂

    That pie looks aaaamazing! I’d rather have pie. So much more variety and feels better to eat than cake. Unless it’s wedding-quality cake. Dry cake is YUCKY!

  3. cowsy

    I would always choose cake above pie given an ultimatum. 🙂 Not that I don’t appreciate pie as well. I’m also a fan of crumbles/crisps/cobblers…

    The banana creme pie looks glorious. I love any type of banana baked good!

  4. M.R.

    CAKE- for sure…it has to be a really good looking pie to tempt me. I’m a cake and frosting girl through and through!

  5. Casey

    oh boy, pie or cake? how could one choose!? Maybe ill make a pie cake 😉 anyways id like to let you know I’m tagging you in my post thats coming up in the next day or so. I don’t know if you’ve done the challenge that it is yet or not but check it out and there is not pressure either way for you to do it!!

  6. Erin

    Oh my god. Pie all the way! That banana cream has me salivating. In fact, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving so we can bake up some pumpkin and apple and show the Irish how it’s done. (We are having shepherd’s pie tonight, an altogether different kind of pie.)

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