Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (and Me)

Not stuff you normally see on this blog…

…I was invited to Petrossian in Beverly Hills for a special tasting

Aside from being a gorgeous restaurant (with locations in NYC, Vegas, and São Paulo)…


…they specialize in high-end gifts that you can order online, ranging from a $75 “Caviar for One” set…

…to a $1500 tote bag…

…stuffed to the brim with their masterpieces…

…most of which I got to sample!!!

Tried a lot of Tscar-Cut Salmon

…and a bunch of Liver options

More rich n meaty tidbits

Obviously, my vegetarian husband was NOT my date. I brought along Elaine, who tasted all the alcohol for me.

She said the champagne was definitely up to snuff, but this Vodka Gelee with Caviar, Hazelnuts, and Mousse was…

…well…let’s just say there’s a reason that sweet, savory + alcohol-y aren’t a popular flavor combo.

I got to sample some Caviar on a more traditional form – atop some toast

It’s very salty, smooth, and fish-y, with the texture of tapioca. I definitely dig it!

We ended the tasting on some sweet notes –

Calissons de Provence

Their Confiture de Framboise (a.k.a. Raspberry Jam) is super spreadable (like buttah)

I called these “Royal Jelly Beans” – jellied fruits, candy coated and fit for a Queen

Also wound up drinking a bit of liqueur, stuffed inside a piece of chocolate

After all that, the only thing I wanted the rest of the day was fresh produce

Shredded carrots, red cabbage, and romaine with Wafu Dressing

Figs n plums for dessert

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams….


  • Caitlin C.

    SO jealous that you got to attend an event like this!! I would’ve loved trying all that salmon ahh – and even the liver, because I’ve never tried that before!

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      this is why you need to move to los angeles – so i can take my interns to stuff like this!

      • Caitlin C.

        Do NOT tempt me! Haha just kidding I’m already tempted.

  • vanillasugarblog

    sorry i’ve been m.i.a, took a little break from blogging.
    you were very lucky to get this invite. that is a fabulous place (duh right?)
    nice post. i’m a little jelly…yeah lol

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      come west and i’ll take you!

  • J3nn (Jenn’s Menu and Lifestyle Blog)

    Everything looks so beautiful! Is it weird that I like small caviar, not necessary the bigger eggs? lol Probably. I’m unsophisticated like that. :)

  • Emma

    Wow. I’ve never tasted caviar (hellooo, can’t afford it!), but the salmon, liver, and desserts all look simply DECADENT. Not sure if I’d drop 15 hundo on them, but I wouldn’t say no to free samples :)

    And, uh, caviar in vodka!? Blegh.

  • Sara K

    $1,500 wow! I actually just tasted caviar for the first time this past year; and surprisingly liked it (I normally don’t like fishy tasting stuff)…pates on the other hand, can’t get myself to eat those

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      yeah i’m not usually a pate fan but this stuff was pretty good!!!

  • livinglearningeating

    Somehow, caviar just doesn’t sound appealing to me…

  • Cindy

    You are well on your way to being a food mogul. :)

    What a treat!

  • Chopinandmysaucepan

    What a beautiful restaurant and it’s great they offer their products on-line too. Good caviar, cheese, smoked salmon, pate, champagne are great to spoil oneself every now and then. Life is good and thanks for sharing this beautiful experience with us.

  • marcuschung

    I find the idea of “caviar for one” hilarious. As if I am jonesing for a snack and figure caviar is going to scratch that itch. I’d rather eat some cheez-its.

  • pure2rawtwins

    how fun!! I am not much of a caviar fan, but wine and dessert on the other hand :)

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