Black Bagging It

Earlier last month, I watched Los Angeles work itself into a tizzy over the opening of Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio’s gourmet sandwich counter. This afternoon I made plans to meet the lovely Esi there for lunch.


Ink.Sack is teeny tiny…


…with a matching menu (and prices)


There’s nothing vegan here, but vegetarians are able to get the “Maple Turkey Melt” sans meat, plus extra cheese as an option. I ordered the Cold Fried Chicken


Apparently the ranch dressing is made by spinning buttermilk in a centrifuge…


…I’ve no idea what the heck that means. But the sandwich is freaking delicious. And at $4 the price (and size) were just right.

Although the place was crowded, we didn’t have to wait too long at peak lunch hours. I was grateful, since I’d read about super long lines when they first opened…


…but be prepared to stand and devour


We wound up dining by the customer-created chalkboard art



Or you can just grab your food to go – in the appropriate colored bags (I’ll forgive them for spelling my name wrong)


Why does soda taste so much better out of a glass bottle?!?


I felt like an Adrien Brody commercial walking back to my car in that fancy ‘hood


The Voltaggio brother’s fine-dining restaurant ink. opens tonight a few doors down – maybe I can convince Esi to meet me there once I can actually get a reservation?

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18 thoughts on “Black Bagging It

  1. Lauren

    Such a cool place. I love the chalk board walls and black bags. It’s those simple touches that really define and set apart these kinds of places.

  2. MarathonVal

    Hey Lynn, just wanted to say hello! I am so behind on blogs (no internet will do that to ya) and I have about 48757 blog posts of yours to catch up on lol. Have a great rest of your week!! 🙂

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