Leaves That Are Green

…turn to brown


When did it become fall?!?

IMG_1465 IMG_1466

I conducted two phone interviews for T.A.D. interns while walking this morning and was surprised to hear that familiar crunch under my shoes.


Still stopped to smell the roses.


Around noon I got hungry and pulled out The Spice Table leftovers


The Laksa was now a thick, congealed mass. I used half of it, with a pile of frozen collard greens to cut the richness of the coconut curry


Now I have enough for another meal…


…plus Sambal, which I’ll use in another recipe (someday)


Into the freezer they go! Always cover them in a layer of plastic wrap (to prevent ice crystals from forming) before snapping the lids on.


Perfect brunch on this gray September day.


The Restoration Hardware catalog arrived – I don’t remember ever signing up for it?


It’s a massive monster – over 600 pages filled with things I can’t afford!


(But it makes a great coaster.)


Any San Diego readers? The SDAFF schedule is now up – I’ll be there the weekend of October 22nd for the Gala Awards, a screening of two movies (“Surrogate Valentine” – preceded by Abe and my short, “Via Text“) plus a Panel on Asian-American Women in Hollywood. Tix for all three are on the site!


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  1. J.Lynn

    Aaah the roses, what a delight 🙂 and you captured the falling leaves so well. I truly admire the simple layout of your posts Lynn. And I just recently began following your blog again (I went on a ‘stay off the internet hiatus’), so just noticing your successes with the acting…congrats!

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