Guest Blogger: Actress Autumn Reeser

You may recognize access Autumn Reeser from The OC, Entourage, or No Ordinary Family. You can see her next on Hawaii 5-0 and in the Miley Cyrus comedy So Undercover. Check out her blog Move Lifestyle or follow her on twitter.

The OC
  • 7am – Wake up with baby. Feed baby while lying in bed and deny that it is already morning. Finally get up and do stuff with baby. Eventually manage to dress myself, too.
  • 9am – Eat a raisin English Muffin with butter and two sips of decaf coffee before I realize I am running late. Again. Sadly ignore remaining cup of decaf while I run around frantically.
  • 2pm – Starving. Forgot to eat. Mow down a bag of nuts and cranberries I have in my glove box. Find a random plum in my cup holder. Not sure how long it has been there. Go ahead and eat that, too.
  • 3pm – Stop at Jamba Juice for a Protein Berry Pizzazz only to find out they have renamed it Protein Berry Workout in my absence. I am mad because now I feel duped into being healthier than I want to be.
  • 5pm – Have a business coffee date with the writer of a really exciting pilot I’m attached to.  I drink a chai latte. This may be a bad idea at this hour of the day, but I’m at Intelligentsia and one must order something delicious when one is here, or one will promptly be shot by Silverlake hipsters.
  • 6:30pm – Home and coloring my hair before I leave for press in Atlanta tomorrow. I eat half a bag of mini-carrots which end up smelling like hair dye while I’m eating them. Somehow I still eat them because I am THAT hungry.
  • 8pm – I pop a Trader Joe’s frozen wild salmon & orzo meal into the oven and a Trader Joe’s frozen tomato-penne pasta onto the stove. Am I the new Domestic Goddess, methinks?
  • 8:30pm – Simultaneously, the baby wakes up, my hair needs to be rinsed immediately, and the food needs to come out of the oven. Poor planning, perhaps, hmmmmm? I call upon my sweet unsuspecting husband, who is downstairs playing poker with buddies, and he rescues me without complaining. Baby plus poker equal a totally manly night, right?
  • 9:30pm – I eat half of the now-cold salmon and half the bag of pasta while trolling the Jonathan Adler website.
  • 10pm – Now I must drink a glass of wine and two pieces of dark chocolate while I blog. I finally write the guest post for The Actor’s Diet that I have been meaning to write for 6 months.
  • 11pm – I drink more wine. I think I am super funny. I laugh.
  • 12am – I should probably go to sleep.
  • 1am – I should really go to sleep.
  • 2am – I should definitely go to sleep.
  • 3am – Good night.

17 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Actress Autumn Reeser

  1. Leslie

    Every time I think I’m having a busy day, I’ll now refer back to this article and know that it’s really not that big of a deal 🙂

  2. slytherinnerdgirl

    After watching No Ordinary Family, Autumn Reeser’s character became one of my inspirations for geeky expression and being happy with my geeky self. This post made my day because I got a little insight into her life, and her days are so much more hectic than mine. She’s also super funny! This was amazing!

  3. Fredric Delmais (@FredricDelmais)

    Funny and that probably was a slow day! Question in my Columbo voice ahh- the baby between 8AM to 8:30PM with nanny/au pair/daycare or at its gig as the E-Trade baby? The only shot fired by a Silverlake hipster is a look of disgust and from the right person that can kill!

  4. Sandy Thurlow

    This is so light hearted. Please find time to continue blogging. Love you Autumn and especially your diet beginning at 10 p.m. : )

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