Saturday in September

Ah, weekends in fall…

The weather has finally cooled down and we took Julius for a morning hike (my first in 10 months – the same trail too!)


Plowed through several old issues of the local paper over breakfast


Saw a movie at the Arclight (“Contagion” – very good, very scary)


Ate some snacks



Dinner with friends – we had planned to go to Cafe Gratitude but the wait was 30-45 minutes!


Osteria Mamma was also packed, but they happened to have a table for four ready.

We split the bread –


I ate 3 pieces dipped in marinara…


…3 pieces of the Vegetariana pizza…



2 different salads – 1/2 the Frescura (chopped radicchio, frisee, red onions, Belgian endive and Roma tomatoes in Italian dressing)


Plus a taste of the Fungolata – wild mushrooms, wild arugula, aged Grana Padano in lemon dressing


Also sampled (and enjoyed) my first squid ink pasta (with crab – a special)


They brought us out a complimentary tiramisu too!


As usual, everything was delicious. I’d never tried their pizza before and am glad to have a good takeout option in the ‘hood.

Off to work – today and tomorrow I’m filming the “Surrogate Valentine” sequel – if you’re in Los Angeles and want to be an extra, email


13 thoughts on “Saturday in September

  1. Natasha

    Congrats on your hike Miss Pretty! Happy Sunday – to you and the “HM”…thank you for sharing yesterday.
    – Natasha.
    ps – will be sending you a great recipe for you and your hubby later.

  2. Eden

    First off, i was considering seeing contagion and i trust your taste in movies so i’ll hit that up!

    I’d love to be an extra! do i get paid?

  3. gluttonandstudent

    I was hoping to try Osteria Mamma this summer, but unfortunately I just moved back to San Luis Obispo! I’m glad I can enjoy it/drool over it vicariously through you.
    Squid ink pasta has always intrigued me, but I’ve never seen a restaurant that serves it.

  4. Lara

    Squid ink…I recently had it on rice in a paella dish and it is DELICIOUS! I bet the pasta was great.

    How was Gwynnie in Contagion? I adore her.

    I can’t decide who’s cuter…you or Julius! 🙂

  5. Monet

    Pizza…movies…and a long walk…it sounds like you lived my perfect day! Thank you for sharing another delightful post. As always, your words and pictures make me smile. I hope you have a blessed beginning to your week. Much love from Austin!

  6. Brigid

    I’m just now catching up on blogs and got to this post. Do you still need extras, or are you wrapping up now? Also, I saw Contagion over the weekend in Santa Monica. I really enjoyed it!

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