Lisa It’s Your Birthday, Happy Birthday Lisa

Deja Vu…

Y’all know Maggie Mac’s been sick A LOT lately. But yesterday I wound up going twice – and it was time to say goodbye forever.

We’ve been through a lot, Maggie and me.

(Julius loved her too)

As a refurbished computer, she had a lot of problems from the start, but kept me blogging away for a solid two years. Here we are on our last day together – at the Bend Airport:

Meet Maggie’s replacement – a brand new MacBookAir!!! (Always. Buy. Apple. Care.)

We have a tradition of naming our Apple products after Simpsons characters (my iPhone is “Monty“) so I’m calling her Lisa – the genius sister. And boy is she smart! She’s like a prodigy in comparison (sorry, Maggie, but it’s true).

Since Lisa doesn’t eat meat, dinner was old skool NYC vegetarian:

When we first graduated from Wesleyan, Abe and I used to dine at Dojo’s all the time – it was the only place we could afford to eat out at. For very little $$$ (I feel like under five bucks) you could get a Soy Burger Platter – with brown rice and a side salad with their infamous dressing.

There are many recipes to recreate it online; I took the easy way out and opened a bottle sent by Wafu

Wafu has many delicious-sounding flavors, but the only one I used for last night’s purposes was the Carrot Ginger

For the soy burger, I pan-fried a Chik’n GardenSteak

Abe’s was “traditional Dojo style” with the romaine on the side, and the patty atop the rice – smothered in dressing

Mine was served as a salad

Dojo’s dressing is a lot chunkier, but the Wafu definitely has the same flavor, in a smooth puree

Dinner was followed by the last Chocolate Goji Truffle, and lots of quality time with Lisa.

If you missed the post on Labor Day, I’ve got a $100 Joss and Main Giveaway going on right now!

  • Andrea@WellnessNotes

    Hi Lisa!!! And by Maggie! Hope you’ll have a nice retirement! :)

  • gillian

    Love how you have a theme for naming your Apple products! I am a big Simpsons fan, too.

  • Julie (A Case of the Runs)

    Cute naming theme for your products! I name lots of my things (computer, guitar), but kind of randomly.

  • Vegetarian in the City

    those salad dressings look great. where do you buy them?

  • Susan

    Congratulations on the new laptop. That is such a treat!

    I have a few choice names for my computer when it’s not working, but I did name my car!

  • runningismagical

    Haha – I love that you name your electronics after Simpsons characters – hopefully Lisa sticks around for much longer than 2 years!

  • Sorell Says…

    I used to love DOJO too. It was cheap and delicious! I went there a year ago just for that dressing and then came home and made it a bunch! Congrats on the new computer.

  • Lisa (Fit in the Midwest)

    Yay! Love her new name, naturally! :) Did you know that the first Apple ever was also called Lisa?

    My two week old Mac is named Pink Lady and my previous iBook was called Granny Smith. I am old school with naming them after my favorite types of apples.

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      woah – i had no idea about that little “lisa” trivia! cool! love the name “pink lady.” “red delicious” would be great too!

  • Foodie and the Beats

    Dojo was my go-to spot in my NYU days. Delicious, healthy and a steal! They had my favorite miso soup. This post brought back great memories.

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      forgot about their miso soup! i also loved their hijiki tofu.

  • Kish

    love the simpson’s reference.

    is that a caramel apple lollipop i see in the last picture?!? if so, those things are the best!

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      it is indeed the caramel apple – i bought a case from smart n final and have one every day!

  • lora

    i love how you name your apple stuff after simpsons characters. My boyfriend totally loves this idea since he is a hardcore simpsons fan. I generally name my bikes and cars….right now my bike is Hunter and he is a stud. All the lady bikes love him.

  • Amelia

    Hahaha! I like to name things Homer (from plants to electronics) :)

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  • Jesica @ Pencil Kitchen

    I named my MacBookPro “Sebastian!!” Not a simpson character, but I’ll do that from now on!!! 😀

  • pure2rawtwins

    haha yay for new computer, now this really makes me want to get one

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