Turbulent Tuesday

I’m beginning to think the craziest day of the year might be the one after Labor Day – everyone I know is back at work, starting school, or just going bonkers –


Maggie Mac included – she lost her voice AGAIN 🙁

While backing up my entire system (second time in a week!) I nibbled on breakfast


I get sent A LOT of energy bars, and I have to say the Macrobar might be my new favorite. Abe approves too – he tried another sample and raved.


The combination of flavor and texture is perfect – plus it’s all organic and sweetened naturally


Brought my laptop to the doctor, where she was quickly fixed by a Genius


Bought some costumes for a few upcoming shoots (the life of a super low budget film actress) then treated myself to an icy cold lunch at the Farmer’s Market


Ever since the Pinkberry on Larchmont closed, I haven’t visited one in forever! I missed out on their Salted Caramel phase so I made sure to try the two new flavors before they go extinct – Watermelon…


…and Peanut Butter



This was a medium, and Holy Mackerel it’s good – not at all tart, but the consistency is eons better than other froyo places – stays frozen n creamy (even in 90-degree heat) and goes perfectly with the fresh fruit




Next up – more memorizing, unpacking, and laundry laundry laundry!

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12 thoughts on “Turbulent Tuesday

  1. Emma

    Usually it’s hard to tell, but that bar actually does LOOK like it would be good. The texture especially. And Pinkberry…well we already know that’s gonna be good 🙂

  2. sophia

    How long did it take for your laptop to get checked? My laptop is giving me some troubles too but I heard that the line at that Apple store is long!! I’m assuming it was at the Grove?

  3. Sues

    Peanut butter froyo sounds so good right now. We got Pink Berry here in Boston a few months ago and I haven’t been to one yet!! Maybe I have to change that…

  4. Janiek

    Ooooh I love pinkberry… I had it once in NYC and instantly fell in love. Unfortunately they don’t have Pinkberry here in the Netherlands… Luckily they just got a kind of mock frozen yoghurt shop in Amsterdam so I’ll be making my visits every now and then! The pb+j flavour sounds heavenly!


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