Whip it Good

Last night, I got Dolewhipped.


For any of you who have tried the stuff in Hawaii, or at the Disney parks (near the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room) you know what I’m talking about. Dolewhip (a.k.a. Dole Whip) is a frozen dessert made from mostly water and fruit (plus sugar and stabilizers) that has a cult-like following.


House of Dolewhip just opened in West Hollywood, so I don’t have to drive all the way to Anaheim (or fly to Honolulu) to experience it.


One sample and I understood why people get addicted. It’s creamier and tastier than sorbet, and a lot like soft serve ice cream (which is hard to find in Los Angeles, for some reason).


Not as saccharine as Yogurtland, and they do the filling/topping for you


Had a Groupon so I went for the biggest size


Pineapple and chocolate


With a large, you can have as many toppings as you want!


I got blueberries, raspberries…


…and of course, pineapple (though I forgot to ask if it was Dole!)


Abe liked it too – in a smaller-sized waffle cone


There’s some seating outside, but it was totally filled!


Wound up parking my butt at a nearby bus stop, and enjoyed my massive cup watching Fairfax/Santa Monica traffic go by.


I will definitely be back to worship at the House of Dolewhip.

There’s one hour validation in the building (across the street from Whole Foods, in the same complex as the Starbucks) but we found street parking easily, by the House of Eyes.


And FYI to Vegans and folks sensitive to dairy, there’s trace amounts of sodium caseinate in Dolewhip, which is a protein derived from milk. (That’s why it’s labeled as “lactose free.”)

Have you been Dolewhipped?

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14 thoughts on “Whip it Good

  1. Victoria (District Chocoholic)

    You are SO LUCKY to have that place nearby. I discovered Dole Whip on day 6/10 of my trip to Hawaii and got it every day thereafter. Nowhere to get it in DC, but I found some recipes online that intrigue me.

    Since dark chocolate covered dried pineapple is one of my favorite treats, I would OD on pineapple Dole Whip with hot fudge if I had regular access to it.

  2. Ariel

    My favorite is raspberry. Our ice cream station only have one flavor each month during the summer. Doesn’t have the mango. I wish they did :(. Only 80 calorie 1/2 cup ill take that. By the way i voted for you. I will also be printing off you list of places to eat. So i can make sure to hit most of them up when i visit my brother. thanks

  3. miriam

    Every time I try to get soft serve, it’s sold out! I’ve had a soft-serve-less summer so far 🙁 Dole Whip hasn’t hit Boston yet: maybe in 10 years? We *just* got inundated with Berry Lines, Red Magoes and all combinations thereof!

  4. Evan Thomas

    Providence/Boston is just starting to get up with the times with frozen yogurt shops, though that’s not so exciting for someone who’s dairy free. Please send your Dole Whips and vegan ice cream shops to the East coast!

  5. gillian

    Ooh, I haven’t been here yet but live in WeHo so I’ll have to make a trip there soon! I am a fro-yo fanatic and always looking to try new places.

  6. Amanda

    I read about this place! So excited to try it. I am a dole whip fiend.

    I like the pineapple best. I have it everytime I go to Disneyland!

  7. Carrie

    I found a place here in Portland Maine that serves it. My husband is obsessed with Pineapple and would fly to Disney for that alone if I’d let him! So far, they haven’t had pineapple on any of our visits… It’s so good!!!

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