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Simple Sunday Giveaway


Our friend Lance, who writes for Serious Eats’ Pizza Blog, recently took a day trip to Phoenix and Flagstaff for some slices. When I woke up this morning, Abe asked if I wanted to make the same journey today.

“Like, to Arizona?!?”


“For PIZZA?!?”


“And then we would drive back…”


“…what would we do with Julius?”

“Bring him.”

“Wouldn’t it be too hot?”

“Let me check the temperature. If it’s less than 90 degrees, we’ll go.”

It was 110. The Pizza Gods were not smiling down upon us today.

Instead, a very simple Sunday. 10am trip to the Farmers Market…


…where I stuffed myself with samples:

fruit sample.jpg

Tried a new flavor of Ginger Chews – it’s definitely coffee-ish, but I wouldn’t call it “hot.” Then again, I’m pretty used to the spice-factor from eating 4-5 of the regular ones each day.


We’ve cleaned the house, and now I’ve a bunch of acting homework to do. It’s nowhere near a pizza pilgrimage to Arizona, but here’s something spur-of-the-moment for ya -


(Usually I save these giveaways for Mondays, but what the heck, right?!? Let’s get CRAZY.)

I was sent these free coupons for Stonyfield Organic Chocolate Dipped Frozen Yogurt Bars a while ago, but haven’t been able to find them anywhere in L.A. (so Angelenos you probably don’t want to enter this). I now pass them along to you – check to make sure they carry them at a store near you first! Leave a comment on this post and I’ll pick two winners. (Extra entries for linking back on your blog, subscribing via RSS/email, tweeting/facebooking the Giveaway, or adding T.A.D. to your blog roll.)

You Eat Like a Monkey

movies - snacks

…and you smell like one too!


After we got back from seeing a matinee of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, all I wanted was finger food


We got a shipment of organic freeze-dried fruit from Crunchy n Yummy that would make any primate go ape shit


Had some of the not-too-sweet (and indeed crunchy) Papaya on my simian snack plate, which also included dried mango and pineapple bits…


…hard boiled egg, pretzel nibs, and Vegetas Cranberry Mango Salsa


The grub helped focus my monkey mind – spent most of the night starting prep work on the Surrogate Valentine sequel.

A small apricot as a midnight snack


Couldn’t help but wonder, what would happen if Julius was injected with a drug that made him really smart?


Best not to think of those things.


Just snatched up a great Groupon deal in Los Angeles – 1/2 off the prix fixe meals at one of my faves, Luna Park!!!