The Fat Dog

Dinner at the very dog-friendly restaurant The Fat Dog.

I haven’t been to Coffee Commissary in forever; since my last visit a few new neighbors have moved into the building – including organic (female!!!) butchers Lindy & Grundy and 4-month-old The Fat Dog.


The outside is nondescript, but there is no doubt who this gastropub is named after



We didn’t see Luther (the owners’ bulldog) – apparently this place is pretty dog-friendly during the day but it’s good thing we decided to leave Julius home:


Inside, we settled into a cozy booth and snacked on a couple complimentary Rosemary Roasted Almonds


All of us were immediately drawn to their “Alternative Burger”


It was the only option for Abe so he ordered it


Amy and I decided to share one too, with Sweet Potato Fries ($1 extra)


Plus a chopped salad with swiss cheese on the side


They very thoughtfully split the burger in half for us!


FYI Vegans – don’t know if the patty’s cruelty-free, but it’s served with brioche (egg bun) + aioli


Snagged some of Abe’s plain fries


Dipped in lotsa ketchup and a creamy dill sauce


Wound up polishing off the rest of this bag too


We thought this place was a really chill, fun place to hang out with friends after work with solid food. Reasonably priced as well; the entire tab – including drinks, tax, and tip – equalled about $20/person (with my $40 Groupon it came out to a LOT less, obviously)




4 thoughts on “The Fat Dog

  1. Emily@SavoryandSavage

    Wow that dinner looked yummy. I love sweet potato fries!

    Everyone seems to get such great bargains through Groupon – I am going to have to check it out.

  2. Sues

    That restaurant looks SO cute!! And the sweet potato fries look amazing. I love that they cut the burger in half for you!

  3. livinglearningeating

    I love how they split the burger for you – and everything looks delicious! Sharing is the best, because then you can try a bunch of different things *and* have room for dessert. 😉

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