Four Swork

I’m always surprised at how long apples stay fresh. This one’s been in my fridge for almost 2 weeks, and was still crispy and sweet yesterday afternoon!


Dinner plans followed, with our friends Aaron and Alissa


Four Cafe is an organic restaurant focusing on seasonal dishes with a Slow Food cooking approach. You order at the counter…


…grab a numbered postcard…


…and take a seat!


I ordered the Fish Burger sans cheddar – grilled mahi mahi with tarter slaw on a brioche bun. (There was supposed to be tomato too???)


Mixed greens on the side


Had a bite of Abe’s veggie burger (housemade patty, cheddar, remoulade, red onion jam, arugula)…


…and a taste of Alissa’s Chimichurri Corn and Black Bean salad, with feta and cherry tomato


The service wasn’t the best, but all the food was really delicious and reasonably priced. Even though they had desserts, we walked down the street to Swork for an after-meal treat.


I ordered some biscotti to share


Gingersnap and Pumpkin Spice – since one of them was broken, it was free!


Hardly anyone touched the cookies – so I wound up eating about 1.5 of them and brought a significant chunk home.


Fun night in Eagle Rock! I was especially excited to see our pals because I just heard my question on the latest episode of Aaron’s comedy podcast, The Questionauts. They improvise answers bi-weekly, hilariously (and very inaccurately).

Any podcasts you love? My list of faves can be found on the FAQ page.

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  • 洪慈敏

    Apples stay fresh that make me surprise^^ (for almost 2 weeks ,oh my god)

  • hippierunner

    You were in Eagle Rock last night! That’s my ‘hood! I’ve walked by four cafe so many times but haven’t been in yet. I always want to but then I see Oinkster and Taco Spot down the street and they reel me in.

  • emily (a nutritionist eats)

    Four cafe sounds awesome! So many restaurants in LA!!!

  • Jerilyn

    Ooh! Another podcast to start listening to! Thank you!

  • kaitlinwithhoney

    I looooove biscotti — Swork sounds amazing! How were the biscotti?

  • livinglearningeating

    It changes…there’s none that I listen to regularly. I love Christmas and giving awesome Christmas presents, though, and I saved up for years to take my family to Disney this Christmas (we got to stay at the Nick Hotel and the Animal Kingdom Lodge!), so I really loved listening the Disney World podcast (Distunes, etc.) while I was doing that.

    Hmm…I like chewy cookies. Not a big biscotti fan, unless dunked in creamy, creamy ice cream :) That makes almost anything delicious!

  • Maris (In Good Taste)

    The roll on the veggie burger looks outrageous!

  • Jolene (

    I know this is weird … but … I am not even really sure what a podcast is or who to find one.

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      do you have itunes? you can download them for free to your ipod from the itunes store! or just listen online – do a search. they’re really great!