Beetchup at Bru Haus

Beet Ketchup, aka Beetchup at Bru Haus near UCLA.

Yup. Beets, pureed into ketchup. I AM OBSESSED.  And here’s the place that does it best (even better than M Cafe’s version). Bru Haus is a new gastropub located in Brentwood. There’s no sign outside, but you can find it on Wilshire, near Barrington Ave.



I was invited to check them out for a complimentary tasting, and brought my favorite beer drinker along!


Abe got a sampler from their extensive beverage menu – his favorite was the Triple Karmeliet from Belgium


I was more interested in the kitchen…


…and their selection of gourmet pub food:


Chef/Owner Charlie Hwang hooked us up with a bunch of vegetarian dishes, so we could share.

First, a Butter Lettuce Salad with tarragon, radish, and dijon – bacon omitted.


Next up, a vegetarian-ized version of their Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich. Soy/sunflower seed patty, breaded in panko crumbs and fried til crisp.


Remember my Best Vegetarian Sandwiches in Los Angeles compilation? I haven’t mentioned it in a while, since there hasn’t been anything list-worthy. This one is; but you have to ask for it, since it’s not even on the menu!


(FYI – it isn’t vegan because of the coleslaw, sweet sambal aioli, and brioche bun.)

The shoestring fries were perfect, dipped in 3 house-made sauces – the aforementioned aioli, jalapeno ranch, and beetchup.


Hot and chewy from the oven – a giant bavarian pretzel with 2 mustards and a cheese sauce


In the end, this was still my dip of choice


Finally, the sausages. Vegan Smoked Apple Sage, Alligator + Pork Andouille, and Tequila Habanero Chicken. Served with grilled onion, sweet + spicy peppers, and sauerkraut


I had a few bites of each – it was my first time eating gator!


(Tastes like chicken.)

I took home the meat in a doggie bag, but there were no other survivors.


Everything was truly delicious – we were really impressed and could see why the bar was starting to get packed so early.


There’s Chef Charlie up in the DJ booth!


Loved the spirit of this place and highly recommend it as a place to meet up with friends, or have a fun date night like we did.

P.S. – Beetchup rules.


12 thoughts on “Beetchup at Bru Haus

  1. Sara K

    I LOVE bavarian pretzels- I get them every time I’m in Munich! Never tried beetchup though!

  2. katecooks

    yum! i love how you try all the new digs in town…i seem to end up at the same few places over and over again! any thoughts on a good (not fancy) dinner spot in the bev hills area??

  3. Emma

    cool!! the beets make it such a neat color. gator is pretty good, though i’ve only tried deep fried gator nuggets before. gator sausage sounds very interesting!

  4. livinglearningeating

    Yay, German stuff! 🙂

    Beetchup looks really cool, I wish they had it over on the east coast. And man, do I miss Sauerkraut. And Rotkohl. And vegan sausage. I am SO PSYCHED for fall, keep up the awesome pics until then. Well, you always do anyway 😉 Only two weeks for me!

    And alligator? WHOA.

  5. Mark

    Looks like a great joint. I wish there were less food chains popping up and more places like these around me. I love the beetchup idea too. A true genius is lurking somewhere close…

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