Stuff I Eat Restaurant

A vegan soul food lunch at Stuff I Eat with the ladies of Our Hen House.

Even though I’m not vegan (as evidenced by my dinner last night) I’m definitely a fan of cruelty-free food. My dear friend Jasmin Singer is at the forefront of this movement, along with her partner Mariann, with their organization Our Hen House.


I listened to Skinny Bitch author Rory Freedman) as I drove to pick them up. Then, voila – there they were, in the flesh!


I wanted to rescue the carless couple from the confines of their hotel – we drove to nearby Inglewood…


…to a vegan and organic restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try since 2008, when I first read Quarrygirl’s review!


Stuff I Eat specializes in Soul Food. The ladies split this beautiful platter – for $18, you get Yams, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, BBQ Tofu, potato salad, coleslaw…


…cornbread muffins…


…black-eyed pea soup and kale greens:


Had a taste of everything – and it tasted GOOOOOD


I ordered the Nacho Salad ($8) – can you believe this is a half order?!?


Organic corn chips, wild and black rice, seasoned tofu, black beans, vegan cheese sauce, organic tomatoes, corn, and guacamole. I barely made a dent with the portion I ate:


Comes with a dressing, which I didn’t have to use a drop off, since there was a lot of saucy guac + cheese (they use Follow Your Heart)


As you can see from my leftovers, it’s more nachos than salad! Which is fine by me!


Tried a spoonful of Jasmin’s dessert – Mango Surprise


A pudding made of mangoes, bananas, kiwi, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, sunflower seeds, agave; garnished with coconut flakes:


Can I just say how much I’m in love this place?!? Not only is it delicious, affordable, and adorable…




…but the folks who work there couldn’t be sweeter. I’ll definitely be stopping by again, whenever I have to be near LAX!


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  1. Teresapalooza!!

    I *LOVE* Stuff I Eat! Been a fan and supporter since they were serving Tofu Tacos outside of Agape. If you look at their Yelp, most of the photos were taken by me! 🙂

    They are the absolute best and beautiful people at that – now I need to get back there!

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