Next Door Lounge

A secret bar at The Next Door Lounge.

I got a last-minute invite yesterday to check out a newly-opened bar in Hollywood. Y’all know I don’t drink, but after a long day of running around, it sounded like the perfect way to catch up with my husband. ย The Next Door Lounge is on Highland, just below Fountain, right by The Corner Restaurant (they share the same owners, hence, the clever name). There’s no sign, but you can recognize it from the large key and a doorman dressed in 20’s attire.


I didn’t take a picture of him (or the waitresses dressed in flapper outfits) – that felt a little too much like being a tourist at Disney. Here are some photos of the loft-like space, which also reflected a modernized Roaring Twenties theme.




The press party was offered complimentary creations by head bartender Joe Brooke…


…who you may recognize as the winner of NBC’s “On the Rocks: The Search of America’s Top Bartender”


The drink menu reflects his creativity with an offering of unique, modern cocktails, as well as some classics…


…and are served with a nibbling of pickled veggies:


Not my drink, I ordered a Diet Coke…


…it wasn’t Abe’s either (he got a Pimm’s Cup)


I was there to check out the eats! They have a reasonably priced small bites menu, and a sampling was put out for folks to nosh on.


Loved the veggie options – The Darb (a crostini topped with goat cheese and roasted root veggies) and Spinach and Goat Cheese Pizza (with walnuts, roasted apple, and mozzarella)


I went back for two additional pieces of The Federales (quesadillas with free range chicken, caramelized onions, peppers, black beans, cheese, cilantro and chipotle drizzle)


The food was cold because it had been sitting out for a while, but still tasty, and the whole evening turned out to be a really fun, impromptu date night.


We also got a chance to see construction on Phase 2 of Next Door Lounge – a smaller and windowless area currently being renovated into a modern speakeasy – rumor has it, the space used to be a sex club. (Yup. I saw the hot tub!)


12 thoughts on “Next Door Lounge

  1. biz319

    love the decor of that place – glad you got an impromptu date night out Lynn! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Sara K

    What an interesting atmosphere, looks like they put a lot of work into that, and those quesadillas sound wonderful

  3. Cait's Plate

    I’m so jealous of all these adorable little places you get to go!

    And HAHA! It cracks me up that there was seriously a hot tub there!!

  4. Vegyogini

    I’ve seen that key and wondered what the story was! Did it seem expensive to you? Were there any vegan appetizers on the menu? Thanks!

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      the cocktails were all $12-14 but the food was reasonable – most items under $10. they have a greek salad (doesn’t say it has cheese) for $8, a vegan pizza for $8 and sweet potato fries for $5. there’s also a happy hour (5-8pm tues-sat) when drinks are about $8.

  5. The Healthy Engineer

    Wow it’s really dark in there!

    A doorman in 20’s attire..that is so awesome.

    Love the 20’s after reading The Great Gatsby

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