I Like Ike’s Place

Sandwiches to go from Ike’s Place in San Francisco.

With a large group that includes a baby, tasty options for an early evening meal are slim, since most places don’t start dinner service until 6pm. Instead of eating at a restaurant, we decided to get take out….

…which made this little girl very happy!

Ordering from Ike’s Place was kinda difficult (once you’re able to actually get through to a person) but persistence pays off.

And look what comes with it!!!

Ike’s sandwich menu is massive – and half of it is vegan/veggie friendly.

We ordered 6 sandwiches for a group of 7 adults, and cut them (best we could) into smaller segments to share.

My first plate had a taste of everything

To be honest, all the flavors started melding together and I couldn’t remember what I was eating – vegan or meat!

It was all incredibly delicious though – I went back for a couple more pieces:

Plus a ton of chips. Too many to count!

A few handfuls of those got dipped in Ike’s “Dirty Sauce” – a creamy garlic concoction

For dessert I ate two fresh, perfectly ripe (and huge) figs

Turns out me and the baby are the only ones in the family who enjoy the flavor and texture of these

So glad we all stayed in! The flat Abe’s parents rented was perfect for this casual celebration dinner.

Happy birthday, Joey and Wendy!


12 thoughts on “I Like Ike’s Place

  1. Ravi

    Nice day!

    Your sandwiches reminded me of another great place, with veggie options – Rhea’s Deli on 19th and Valencia….enjoy your stay!

  2. kimmiyori

    Doug would like to know what camera you use for your pix? He is working on a project and loves the quality of your blog photos.

  3. livinglearningeating

    Your pics are great, I’m just starting to realize how much effort it takes. Keep up the great work, I love your blog! 🙂

  4. hermene

    Enjoy your blog….Happy Birthday to Wendy and Joey. The baby is beautiful!!. Love seeing the family together….keeps my great memories of Doris in focus. Love, Hermene

  5. chezjulie

    I just bought a container of huge ripe figs at Whole Foods about an hour ago. Love them!

  6. marcuschung

    I kind of find Ike’s to be overrated. Granted, I only went once when it first opened, but the horrendously long lines kept me away soon after that. I think he’s pitching a reality show…

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