Introducing the Mister

Today has been much more focused on San Francisco stores, rather than food. I’m still digesting last night’s dinner!

Snacked on a nectarine before leaving the hotel…


…then met some friends at Four Barrel Coffee


This is the most dog-friendly place I’ve ever seen – the pooches all hang out indoors!



I didn’t drink any, but Abe said they made the most caffeinated cup he’s ever had. He was BUZZED.


Afterwards we met up with his sister Anna and her hubby Zack for dessert. Or, brunch, I guess.


I tried samples of 2 regular ice cream flavors – Cherry Chocolate and Roasted Banana…


…but ultimately settled on the two vegan flavors. I knew my stomach would thank me later.


Rhubarb Balsamic Strawberry Sorbet and Chocolate Coconut – just incredible, especially together.


The last time I was at Bi-Rite I knew that I had to bring Abe here. He said it definitely lived up to the hype.

Sampled bites of his Snickerdoodle Cookie Sandwich (packed with Salted Caramel Ice Cream)


Also some of Zack’s Chocolate Sundae (Chocolate Sauce and Sea Salt) + Anna’s Cookies n Cream sandwich (dark chocolate cookies)


Anna’s was the winner, though everyone loved their ice cream. Baby approved too.


We spent the rest of the day shopping all over town (visit my twitter feed to see where else we hit), ending with another place I discovered in May without Abe:


Four Barrel Coffee on Urbanspoon


8 thoughts on “Introducing the Mister

  1. quixoticlaugh

    I might have to make an ice cream sunday with chocolate sauce and sea salt… hmmm…

  2. livinglearningeating

    The cookie sandwiches look amazing! I could really go for one right now, too bad I’m in Maine….

  3. greensandjeans

    Rhubarb balsamic?! That almost makes me want to get on a plane to San Fran stat…

  4. Liz

    All of those flavors sound delish, but the chocolate sundae with sea salt keeps catching my attention. I’ve had sea salt ice cream, but the whole salt+ice=meltiness thing always made me think there was some deep, dark kitchen magiks going on. Now I’m Googling and thinking of ice cream projekts for the weekend! (And curious how those ice cream sandwiches were- when I make them biting in always made the ice cream squirt out the other end.)

    Your friend’s baby daughter looks like she’s thinking very hard about that chocolate. 🙂

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