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July 8, 2011

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Leslie Durso is a model, actress and food blogger. She’s appeared in many national and international ad campaigns and can be seen on the pages of countless magazines. You’ve seen her on “Veronica Mars,” as Blair on “Desire,” and “Stuff Happens” which she co-hosted with Bill Nye. You can catch her in the upcoming movie “Answers to Nothing” with Dane Cook and Elizabeth Mitchell. Leslie is a longtime vegetarian and food fanatic. She started her lifestyle blog with the intension of sharing fabulous food that just happened to be vegetarian. Her food is the kind everyone will enjoy! She also includes party planning ideas and tips as well as restaurant and product reviews.

Food. My love affair with food started at an early age.  At eight I declared I was a vegetarian which made me look at food in a whole other light.  Food wasn’t just for eating; it was for enjoying!  Being a model and actress and obsessed with food took planning and precision.  I never understood why every photo shoot I am ever on has giant tables full of carbs and sugars.  Can we please find something to feed the model besides bagels, pizza and chocolates?!  On the set of TV shows and movies it is a little better.  The best was working on Stuff Happens for Planet Green.  It was so great to work somewhere with loads of vegetarians on the crew!  Our meals were always loaded with lots of fresh vegetables and healthy food.

Now I’m not saying I never indulge in my vices of warm chocolate chip cookies and pizza.  Of course I do, just not everyday like I would have loved.  And so I learned moderation.  Now that I have shifted my career to be more food centered. It’s even more challenging.  I’ve discovered life is all about balance.  Balance your diet and you’ll have balanced your life.  Here is a typical day of eating in my life:


I never ever ever skip breakfast.  My day is just not the same.  I usually start with a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal with blueberries and Silk soy milk.


Usually a fruit smoothie consisting of bananas, strawberries, blueberries (of whatever I have in the fridge) with chia seeds. (if you don’t know what those are, you are missing out!)


Here’s where my day differs from most others.  I typically have dinner for lunch.  Mostly because when I’m creating new recipes, I have to photograph them in natural light.  So this means I usually eat whatever I’m writing about that day for lunch.  Today was Lemony Linguini with Tomatoes and Arugula.


Usually fruit or raw veggies; today an apple.


I tend to have a lighter dinner especially if I’ve had pasta for lunch so dinner tonight is a big salad with raw kale, carrots and asparagus.

We’ve heard that word “moderation” used a bazillion times when talking about diets, but it’s true.  The only way that I have found to be happy is when I allow myself to eat the foods I crave.  Just not everyday : )

To find out what I’m cooking everyday and for fabulous tips and tricks to use in your kitchen check out The Dainty Vegetarian and follow me on twitter!

Are you an actor who wants to guest blog about food?  Email actorsdiet(at)!

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