Guest Blogger: Leslie Durso

Leslie Durso is a model, actress and food blogger. You’ve seen her on “Veronica Mars,” as Blair on “Desire,” and “Stuff Happens” which she co-hosts with Bill Nye. You can catch her in the upcoming movie “Answers to Nothing” with Dane Cook and Elizabeth Mitchell. Leslie is a longtime vegetarian and food fanatic. Her food is the kind everyone will enjoy! She also includes party planning ideas and tips as well as restaurant and product reviews.

Vegan Chef Leslie Durso

Food. My love affair with food started at an early age.  At eight I declared I was a vegetarian which made me look at food in a whole other light.  Food wasn’t just for eating; it was for enjoying!  Being a model and actress and obsessed with food took planning and precision.  I never understood why every photo shoot I am ever on has giant tables full of carbs and sugars.  Can we please find something to feed the model besides bagels, pizza and chocolates?!  On the set of TV shows and movies it is actually a little better.  The best was working on Stuff Happens for Planet Green because there were loads of vegetarians on the crew!  Our meals were always loaded with lots of fresh vegetables and healthy food.

Now I’m not saying I never indulge in my vices of warm chocolate chip cookies and pizza.  Of course I do, just not everyday like I would have loved.  And so I learn moderation.  Now that I am shifting my career to be more food centered, it’s even more challenging.  I’ve discovered life is all about balance.  Balance your diet and then you’ll have balanced your life.  Here is a typical day of eating in my life:

Breakfast:  I never ever ever skip breakfast because my day is just not the same.  I usually start with a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal with blueberries and Silk soy milk.

Snack: Usually a fruit smoothie consisting of bananas, strawberries, blueberries (of whatever I have in the fridge) with chia seeds. (if you don’t know what those are, you are missing out!)

Lunch: Here’s where my day differs from most others.  I typically have dinner for lunch.  Mostly because when I’m creating new recipes, I have to photograph them in natural light.  So this means I usually eat whatever I’m writing about that day for lunch.  Today was Lemony Linguini with Tomatoes and Arugula.

Snack: Usually fruit or raw veggies; today an apple.

Dinner: I tend to have a lighter dinner especially if I’ve had pasta for lunch so dinner tonight is a big salad with raw kale, carrots and asparagus.

We’ve heard that word “moderation” used a bazillion times when talking about diets, but it’s true.  The only way that I have found to be happy is when I allow myself to eat the foods I crave.  Just not everyday.


8 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Leslie Durso

  1. Lisa @ Sunny Seed Stories

    Great post! How did you know you wanted to be a vegetarian at 8? You must’ve been a very mature 8-year-old!

  2. Leslie Sarna

    Lisa, honestly I didn’t like meat from a very early age. My Mom says that I would pick out the pieces of meat on my plate when I was in my high chair and throw them across the room : ) I was also a pretty hard headed kid. Once I decided something, that was it.

  3. Sonia @ Master of her Romaine

    Love the guest post!! I have been a vegetarian from birth, due to my parents making the choice for me. So cool that you decided to do it at such a young age- rock on!
    Love the daily eats 🙂

  4. Liz

    Great post!

    Natural light aside, having your biggest meal of the day midday (or in the morning) is just a good idea in general: it’s like fueling up your car before a long trip.

    Moderation is my favorite word- I love to bake, but I can’t seem to police myself around good stuff (esp when it has chocolate in it!) so I like to bring things into whatever office I’m temping at. People like to say “Oh, I couldn’t!” and of course my response is generally that yes, you CAN as long as you don’t have more than one and don’t make a daily habit of it.

    My sister is a vegetarian for health reasons. I’m an omnivore, but I go long stretches without animal protein and I can see myself making it permanent- I’ve learned to make some really good dishes because of her. Not yet, though. The occasional hamburger at Shake Shack is still too good to give up!



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