Back in The Bay Area

Chow Restaurant in San Francisco.

It hasn’t been long since my last visit to San Francisco – I spent 3 weeks here shooting the movie “Yes We’re Open” in May. So when we finally checked into our hotel after the long drive up I didn’t feel the need to explore – stayed put in the room the rest of the day!

Was still stuffed from lunch at Facebook, so around 9pm, I made miso soup with the coffee maker and snacked on an orange.

The reason for this trip is a little family reunion – we’re celebrating Aunt Jo’s 70th birthday and the whole Philly crew – Abe’s parents, sister, brother-in-law, and niece – flew in. We met for breakfast this morning at Chow Restaurant.




I ordered 2 scrambled eggs with Sourdough Bread and fruit instead of home fries


The eggs got dressed in hot sauce…


…and the toast was smeared in jam – I wound up giving away 2 pieces


Been loving all this fig action lately!


Also sampled some of Abe’s breakfast quesadilla + guacamole…


…a few bites of my father-in-law’s Ricotta pancakes with Raspberries


Good thing there were toothpicks everywhere because those little seeds get stuck!


We spent the next couple hours walking – all the way to Golden Gate Park…


…where my niece enjoyed the Merry Go Round


(At least, the first part of it)



12 thoughts on “Back in The Bay Area

  1. Amber's Notebook

    Dude how long you here for? Sounds like you are busy though, but hit me up if you have a moment! I’m going to be in the city Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And possibly monday!

  2. Amanda

    It looks so beautiful up there right now! It has to be cooler than the smackdown of summer you two left behind 🙂
    I haven’t thought about figs in ages. You have inspired a weekend fruit hunt. Have a wonderful trip!

  3. livinglearningeating

    Hi! You always seem to find such tasty fare – do you have any must-eat vegetarian spots in the USC area (I’ll be studying there without a car, so walk-able places would be great)? Thanks!

  4. Kish

    how funny! i was actually just up in the bay area this week. but for work. and only for two days.

    but where is the facebook office(referencing one of your older posts)?!!? we were going to try and go there for a meeting, but we read it was in menlo park and not palo alto anymore. is that right?

    otherwise, i could’ve experienced that amazing looking cafeteria! GAH!

    anywho. figs = amazing. same with raspberry pancakes.

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