Getting Spoiled in Beverly Hills

Life as an actor has been rather dead lately. Luckily, life as a food blogger is bustling! From organic food delivery to hand-crafted tarts, I’ve had the opportunity to sample a lot of tasty tidbits for free.

Today Abe and I were treated to my favorite meal – brunch! Crescent Beverly Hills, a boutique 90210 hotel, invited us for the launch of their weekend menu, cooked by their brand new chef.


The restaurant space is on a small outdoor terrace, chicly shaded from the sun….


…with pillows galore!


I made myself right at home…


…while Abe enjoyed an iced coffee



Ameliana, The Crescent Hotel’s Food and Beverage Manager, vegetarian-ized a sampling of the menu for us to share. Here’s what I ate!

Blueberry Scone, spread with whipped maple butter and a mini cream-stuffed Profiterole


Creme Brulee Banana Pancake, with candied pecans. I only needed a drizzle of maple syrup and left off the butter.


Fried Piquillo Peppers – these are usually stuffed with eggs, chives, chorizo and goat cheese, but we got them with soyrizo, and cheese-less


Even without the meat/cheese, it was still great!


Brunch Salad – farmer’s market greens, roasted Peruvian potatoes, egg, avocado, balsamic maple vinaigrette, and caramelized onion (the bacon was left off)


The Hangover Burrito – a flour tortilla stuffed with mushrooms, french fries, cheddar, egg, and charred salsa (this regularly has turkey sausage)


I ate 1/4 of the burrito, plus a serving of both salads. Everything was wonderful – the only thing I needed was some additional salsa for dipping!


Ameliana’s favorite dish was the first one that caught my eye on the menu – a Kabocha Squash Omelette with kale, tomato confit, and corn avocado relish. There’s goat cheese too, but since neither of us are fans, it arrived on the side


By this point I was pretty stuffed and could only manage a taste off the end…


…curiosity got the best of me and I added a little goat cheese too.


It’s been confirmed.  I just don’t like goat cheese!

But both Abe and I were completely blown away by this dish –


Brunch Sliders! The chef replaced the turkey breakfast sausage with chickpeas, and added caramelized onions. They came out fried to a crisp, with smoked maple aioli on a fluffy brioche bun…


…and a sunny-side up quail egg. I’ve never had one before so I ate it alone. A little more delicate and less intense in flavor than a chicken’s?


You can order those babies (or the stuffed peppers/mini pancakes) with a Brunch Cocktail during the 11am-1pm Happy Hour at the Bar for only $12! What a deal!


In fact, most of the menu items are very reasonably priced, which is surprising, given the area it’s in. And, as you can see, there’s a lot of meat – so we were really impressed with all the vegetarian versions that were whipped up.


Ready for my nap now!


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23 thoughts on “Getting Spoiled in Beverly Hills

  1. Cindy

    Wow! That was the perfect little romantic spot to dine with your man. Given that I love goat cheese, I would likely have loved that omelette. Happy 4th Weekend!

    Pretty skirt btw. 🙂

  2. jessica o'brien | jessohbee

    oh my gosh, you tried so much that we didn’t even get to! i need to go back!!! i heard great things about the peppers but figured we couldn’t get ’em. damn! looks wonderful – glad you went!

  3. Cynthia (It All Changes)

    That food looks amazing! I’m impressed with the ways they made things vegetarian. I would love to recreate those sliders. Our local farmers market sells quali eggs but I never know what to do with them.

  4. CH

    That looks like brunch heaven. I would love to go to brunch heaven. Brunch is by far the best meal, ever. Hands downs. NYC has great brunch opens, but man, that meal makes me a little bit jealous of LA. NYC might have to take it up a notch to compete with that…

  5. Sara K

    I don’t like goat cheese either- I’ve tried to and it’s just way too pungent for me. Those brunch items look delicious though- and I love your outfit!

  6. Marie

    The restaurant and the food look so lovely and elegant! Just what I imagine brunch in Beverly Hills to be like.

  7. Fredric Delmais

    Love the food pictures – they make me hungry! I don’t do bunch after reading Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly”. In that book bunch was described as a way for restaurants to get rid of their leftovers (esp. on Sundays). I”ll call it breakfast or lunch and avoid the “specials”. As far as goat cheese it is not one type of cheese but comes in a wide array of forms (it can be soft, semi-firm or firm) and flavors. Greek Feta is a mixture of goat & sheep milk. The French have a number of different goat cheeses from mild to strong flavored.

  8. Ellie@fitforthesoul

    Lynn you’re a trooper! Haha seriously how do you fit all that food?! It’s not a bad thing nor an offensive comment–I’m just amazed 😛 And everything looks so yummmyyy

  9. Cait's Plate

    Oh man – those brunch sliders LOOK awesome. I can see why Abe was blown away. I LOVE the little cabana you got to eat in – that’s so cute and relaxing 🙂

  10. vanillasugarblog

    HA! i’m ready for a nap now too. we just had infamous cape cod bagels. and i’ve been laying off carbs, so having one made me crash bad. but it was worth it because they had scallion-bacon cream cheese on them. YUM

  11. Ameena

    As I wind up a detox I am dying here… you have you idea.

    Why have I never heard of this hotel?

    Love your cute skirt!

    1. Liz

      Apparently it’s a Malaysian thing. And a Paula Deen fave (on a donut bun, but let’s not go there right now…) 🙂

  12. Liz

    Japanese cuisine includes quail eggs (usually to take the edge off roe or sashimi, for some reason) and I remember having them when I was a kid- my grandfather had a ranch in San Diego with quail running all around all the time. Now I see them in little cartons at the Asian grocery 20 minutes away. Those sliders look darling and what a great idea! Will have to try that some time. :9

    The Pain Perdu with candied bacon bits… they had me at candied bacon bits. Wow. I don’t need meat, strictly speaking, but when folks do stuff like that I feel like I should at least try it.

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