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breakfast - product review

Every couple months I get together with a group of industry folks for a volunteer meeting. We take turns organizing, and soon it’s my turn to do the leading. We’re using the food blog to reach out to companies for meal donations, which is why you’re seeing so many new product deliveries lately!!!

Umpqua Oats (named after the Umpqua Valley in Oregon) sent a very generous package…


…30 single-serve oatmeals in recycled containers – 6 cleverly-named varieties


You can buy them online or find them in stores. (Also, check out their facebook and twitter pages!)

It’ll be nice to have a warm + nutritious selection to round out the continental breakfast spread. All you need to do is add hot water and cover.


This morning I met up with my fellow organizers. Taste tested the product first:


Time Out” – like all their flavors, they’re made with whole rolled oats and natural ingredients


You can definitely taste the chocolate, coconut, and peanut butter in there. It’s also not too sweet – I added a little extra Stevia


Really delicious and hearty (I was full for 4.5 hours)


Also super convenient – eaten on the drive to Grace’s


Her hubby had baked fresh strawberry muffins!!! I was still too Umpqua’d.


So Grace sent us home with a couple, plus fresh black mission figs from her backyard:


I’m a fig fanatic and was in heaven picking these!


Snacked on a couple back at home…


…along with a plum bought at the Farmer’s Market:


Happy Sunday!!!

Cowboys, Aliens, and Bread

dinner - restaurant - salads - sandwich

What a fun interview at CRN Studios yesterday!


Here’s the link to part 1, and below is part 2, where I talk specifically about The Actor’s Diet:

Swung by the Sunland 7-11 for an oversized Diet Dr. P + lollipop


[ This monster took the entire 45-minute ride back to finish! ]


Our cousin Noah is heading off to college soon, so we want to spend as much time as possible with him + his little sister Maya before the summer’s over. Made plans in Century City to see “Cowboys and Aliens”


Right underneath the theater – Breadbar:



There’s the bar, and above it, the bread!


I ordered the soup/salad combo – you get to choose both from a pretty extensive menu


Frisee with hazelnuts – omitted the feta


Wound up skipping most of the bread, too – surprising, considering the name of the restaurant. Just a bite (with one of Noah’s salad’s olives)


A better carb was the Curcuma (turmeric) Bun that my chicken sandwich arrived on…


…also the fries on the table to share – Garlic Ginger (which tasted neither Garlic-y nor Ginger-y)


Sweet Potato (my favorite)


I polished off 1/3 of both, plus a forkful of Maya’s angel hair pasta


For as long as I can remember, Maya’s gotten Sour Patch Kids at every single movie we’ve taken her to see. Last night I brought some Organic Sport Fruit Snack samples from Tasty Brand for a little taste test.


We each had a handful – it’s very similar to any other gummy candy but is made without high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Vegan too.


And even though they aren’t sour, Maya seemed satisfied enough to turn down her usual trip to the concession stand. Knowing her, that’s a pretty amazing review!!!

Breadbar on Urbanspoon

The Fratelli’s Are Back

breakfast - product review - recipe - vegetarian

95% of the breakfasts I make at home are sweet. Today I was feeling savory!


Dei Fratelli recently contacted me to see if I’d like some free samples. I told them that I’d already reviewed their tomato sauces two years ago (when I cooked this Goonies-inspired pasta dish). They wound up sending me some of their other products instead!


Got the Sauerkraut situation covered in the house right now, so you won’t see these Silver Fleece cans for a while…


…but we did crack open some salsa the other night. Abe said it reminded him of spaghetti sauce (no surprise, since that’s what Dei Fratelli is known for) so I knew exactly what to make for breakfast!


I’d seen my cousin Kristine poach eggs in tomato sauce before. Decided to add some frozen spinach to half a jar of Black Bean n’ Corn


When heated through, season with S + P, then crack in two organic, cage-free beauties


Bury the yolks with sauce by using a spoon to gently cover them


Cover til set…


…about 2-4 minutes, depending how runny you like it


An extra dollop of Salsa on top


Served with a TJ’s crumpet…


…which wound up torn into the bowl


Abe ate his like toast, with the sauce piled on top – I liked how the bread got very mushy with mine.


A hearty, filling breakfast stew. Should keep me satisfied well into the hour-long drive to/from Sunland to record my interview with La La Land. Listen online or call (800) 336-2225 to chat at 3pm PST – right now I’m pretty sure the only person who I’ll hear from (if I’m lucky) is my Mom!!!