From Eataly to China

Lunch atΒ Le Verdure, Eataly’s vegetable restaurant, and a shopping trip to Pearl River Mart in Chinatown.

I finally made it to pasta heaven!



And cheese…



…and meat!



But of course, Abe and I were most interested in the veggies at Eataly


I’ve been wanting to come here since I first heard about its opening last August. If you haven’t heard of this place, just google it and you’ll find a slew of articles, blog posts, reviews, and even videos. Essentially, this is the 50,000 square foot brainchild of Mario Batali, Oscar Farinetti, and Joe + Lidia Bastianich. A place to fully experience the flavors of Italy right in Manhattan, near the Flatiron Building.

Aside from all the shopping options above, there are many places to sit and eat, all specialized. From pizza…


…to panini…


…to fish!





Abe and I went to Le Verdure, Eataly’s vegetable restaurant


I was shocked that at noon on a Thursday, there wasn’t a wait! We were quickly seated at a table for two and served pieces of thick and chewy, neatly wrapped bread. Which I promptly sunk my teeth into.


Then they brought us more! And I slipped it into my purse.


Plenty more dough to be eaten – 2 grilled slices arrived (rubbed with garlic) along with my lunch. I let Abe have one.


Soup of the Day (Fagioli with Farro). Ordered with the parm cheese on the side – didn’t wind up using any; my tummy’s still feeling sensitive from the Vicodin incident.


Abe got his own Farro action too, in the Verdure All Piastra


He fixed me a plate of about 1/3 of these – simply cooked and bursting with flavor n freshness


Incredible! Like tasting veggies for the first time – and it was definitely my initial experience with fiddlehead ferns


The soup was wonderful as well. I probably shouldn’t have eaten the whole bowl, because now I’m not hungry at all for our early dinner. But I couldn’t help myself!


Outside, the rain came down. Almost everyone was covered, including this guy with his ruffly parasol:


We did a little shopping in Soho, stopping in one of my favorite stores to use the bathrooms:


Pearl River Mart, how I miss thee!


It’s KINDA like Eataly…just a little less big. And not as fancy. (Nor Italian.)


Time to get ready for the Surrogate Valentine premiere at BAM!


16 thoughts on “From Eataly to China

  1. Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg

    That looks like an amazing meal– I’ve always wanted to try fiddlehead ferns! Have SO much fun at the premiere!!!!

  2. CH

    Despite living in New York (although I’m on temporary hiatus in France), I have only been to Eataly once! It’s super expensive though, so that’s probably why. But I loved exploring when I was there! There were just so many varieties of everything. I didn’t eat there though because every restaurant was full with a long wait! I think it was a Saturday though….

    I’ll have to go again on a less busy day once I’m back in NYC in the fall. πŸ™‚

  3. Julie (A Case of the Runs)

    You mean Thursday afternoon and not Friday, right?

    Totally jealous of your trip (not your root canal, though)! I love verdure.. often very oily, though!

  4. Kim (Bowl of Fruit)

    Mmm that looks so good.

    I’d be interested to know since you travel a lot, what was your favorite city so far to visit?

    (Also, I saw Saving Face and loved it)

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      the best place i’ve ever been was on safari in botswana. but in terms of u.s. cities i really enjoyed austin!

      thanks for watching “saving face!”

  5. MarathonVal

    I love the idea of a vegetable restaurant!!! That sounds right up my alley.

    I was actually looking for fiddlehead ferns the other day at Whole Foods and they didn’t have them… my store only carries them for a week or two each year so they are tough to find!

  6. Ada

    That’s so funny, I popped into Eataly yesterday morning before work! Too bad I didn’t see you there. Hope you had a great time at the premiere and enjoy the rest of your time in NYC:)

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