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There were plans for a Korean BBQ dinner, so I’d been prepping my stomach all yesterday for a meat-fest:


Unfortunately, things fell through last minute and we had to postpone. Luckily, Abe’s evening meeting was also cancelled so we had an impromptu date night!


We used to eat at Luna Park pretty often – it’s got a nice vibe, good food, reasonable prices, centrally-located, easy to make reservations, kid-friendly….but since starting the food blog I want to try new places every time we eat out, so we haven’t been back in at least two years.

So glad I purchased the recent Groupon deal, because last night reminded me of why we used to be regulars.


The reviews on yelp are pretty mixed, but here are my tips for a good experience here – if you’re coming for dinner, the absolute best time to arrive is 7pm, just as street parking on La Brea becomes available. Snatch a spot at a meter, and you won’t have to pay for valet. Also, make a reservation on Opentable – it’s a cinch, you’ll earn points, and probably score one of their cozy booths!


We were pleasantly surprised to see our server when we sat down – one of our neighborhood friends, Constance! She walked us through the menu – featuring their Prix Fixe Dinner (which was included with the Groupon deal).


If you plan on getting an appetizer and dessert, it is just plain silly not to order off this special menu. I did, and with the addition of Abe’s entree, it was plenty of food to share.

We started with the Cauliflower Appetizer


A nice variety of colors (including purple!) – roasted with Calabrian Chilies and Capers. Not overcooked, nor spicy.


Even though I had been prepared to eat massive amounts of Bulgogi all evening, I wanted something light, so Constance suggested the Scottish Salmon, sauce on the side.


The fish was delicious – nice crispy crust, flakey and tender – on top of Creamy, Garlicky Mashed Potato


Carrots and Broccoli Rabe roasted to perfection – without a trace of bitterness in the greens


I didn’t even wind up using a drop of the Buerre Blanc!


Abe let me try his Veggie Burger (homemade, on a Brioche bun)


There was a seasoning in it I didn’t love, but he was very into it. I did enjoy some of his pickle and a few handfuls of his fries, which were my favorite size and nicely seasoned – dipped in lots of Dijon mustard…


…and potato.


For dessert, Constance suggested the Strawberry and Blackberry Shortcake – it’s a seasonal special and won’t be on the menu for long. I decided to go with the Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Pie instead, since my chocolate craving was pretty strong. (FYI – their S’mores were featured on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” too.)


She wound up hooking us up with both!!!


So happy she did – the homemade whipped cream, sweet compote, and warm savory biscuit were a blissful combo. I devoured about 1/3 of this…


…and 2/3 of this – which tasted like a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup whipped into a pie with a Graham Cracker Crust. Heaven.


I doubt it will be another two years before we eat here again!

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18 thoughts on “Luna Park

  1. Lisa

    Sounds like a delicious date night! Hope you get that Bulgogi soon, though. I just had barbecue Bulgogi (a new recipe by my father-in-law) a few days ago, and I am still talking about it!

  2. allie@sweetpotatobites

    I love Luna Park! One of my favorites is the goat cheese fondue with the green apple slices and bread – so yum.

    I need to get in there soon to try the Strawberry and Blackberry Shortcake!

    1. Lisa

      Really, kimchi? I am still developing a taste for it. So far I’ve had it on burgers and thought it was pretty good. Any other ideas for me? 🙂

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