Take it Out

cool chicken dance smileyI didn’t get picked for Jury Duty!!! tree thing dance smiley

Really wanted delivery to celebrate, but since we’re eating out A LOT lately, I settled for the next best thing:


Inside Trader Joe’s Packaged Pad Thai are some noodles and sauce


Bulked it up for two with some red onion and egg whites…


…plus a whole lotta baby spinach…


Sriracha on my half


The noodles turn out gummy/mushy but the sauce isn’t too bad. That said, I threw in a lot of extras and it was STILL super salty, so if you’re having it straight up, might be a bit much…

And I still wanted to eat out and celebrate.


D’Yogurt currently has a 50% off deal (ends in 2 days). This was $10 worth of dessert:


The usual fruity base…


…I chose the three non-tart flavor blends:


Toppings – Reese’s PB Cups, S’mores Bites, Cappucino Chips, Cookie Dough bits…


…and a smidgen of something that was like a Butterfinger, sans chocolate


Eaten in the car because Abe was left standing outside – the parking situation in that area is grim!


When we got home I was suddenly hit with THREE scripts to read. Was up later than usual with the first one, stopping mid-way for some Frog Hollow Cherries.


Check out my guest post on The Healthy Coconut today!

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13 thoughts on “Take it Out

  1. lowandbhold

    I just got access to Trader Joe’s and I’m loving their convenience meals. I had the Chana Masala today and it was delish.
    Yay for not getting picked!

  2. Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen)

    I’ve been craving cherries like crazy lately and haven’t gotten any yet. Definitely on my list to get soon! As for your comment to me, I love Gilad! I still workout to him, but I don’t hat FitTv anymore. I was considering getting his videos though.

  3. emily

    hooray for no jury duty!
    pad thai is one of my fave dishes; i like your version. 🙂
    and you are making me crave froyo seriously!

  4. Rasha @ PBAddiction

    Yay for not being picked for jury duty 🙂 I’ve never had to do it before and I keep picturing it to be like a John Grisham novel.
    That fro-yo looks so good! I wish we had more (or any) places like that here.

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