Food Hangover

I headed to the library yesterday to distract myself from residual overeating effects – just like in college, it was hard to concentrate after feeling so “hungover!”


This is my new favorite branch! Modern, spacious, and not too crowded.


Around 7pm I had an appetite, but tummy room was tight. Put together a quick salad: Frozen asparagus and Tyson Grilled Chicken strips


While that ding donged, I washed and tore up a head of organic Romaine


Topped with Food Should Taste Good Sesame Chip crumbles and TJ’s Pineapple Salsa


Plus a sprinkle of Woody’s Gourmet Black Truffle and Fresh Thyme Herb Sea Salt


This was a sample from the Foodzie Tasting Box; to be honest I really couldn’t taste anything other than “salt”


It definitely left me craving something sweet, even though stomach room was getting scarce!


After blogging about Raw Revolution bars in April, they sent ALL of their other flavors to try! Abe and I shared the Tropical Mango


Don’t think coconut tropics – because there isn’t any! Just chunks of dates, nuts, and mango. I paired my half with a tiny nectarine.


Delicious, but sadly the entire meal left me in PAIN 🙁

I can’t wait to have my old body back again! Hopefully today. I’m already feeling much less ache-y.

Speaking of Hangovers, here’s a video interview I did on the red carpet for the Hangover Part II Preview Screening


12 thoughts on “Food Hangover

  1. chinmayie@lovefoodeat

    i totally understand what you mean by overeating!! it’s a horrible feeling. I have been cooking too much for my blog and EATING it! yesterday i decided not to blog only because i wanted to give myself a break from eating! lol
    then i wondered how all the bloggers (especially the baking and dessert blogs) handle it! i would have been 10kgs heavier!!!

  2. Erica

    The interview was so cute! This is going to sound nerdy but its so cool that you’re famous hehe 🙂 The salad sounds delicious. Salads are definitely my go tos on days when I have food hangovers.

  3. coffeeandthepaper

    I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling very well Lynn. My guess is it’s a combo of all the travelling, busy scheduling, different foods, and maybe some lack of sleep/stress? I know you will get back on track. Everything is kind of connected, so sometimes I think it takes a while to get all the puzzle pieces back into place, but we DO get there. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this – you’re a smart cookie!

    Love that interview. Erica’s right, you are adorable!

  4. Mimi

    Im so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. 🙁
    Have you tried sipping some mint tea? I know that usually helps me when I’ve ‘overdone it.’

    Oh, and thanks for the recommendation of ‘kung fu panda 2’! I thought it was a cute, sweet little story.
    although, they did make it mighty obvious they are planning another sequel!

  5. Jenn Brigole

    Too bad you had to suffer long for this hangover. I, myself, usually would just drink anything liquid (water, iced tea, juice, etc.) for the entire day and by dinner time, I tend to eat ice cream on cone and pair it up with some crackers. It’s far from being healthy, I know, but it hasn’t failed me yet. LOL! Hope you are feeling way better now. Cheers! 🙂

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