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Benny’s Taco and Rotisserie in Venice recently contacted me to see if I wanted to feast on some free food.


Ummm….is the Pope Catholic?   Mexican is by far one of my favorite cuisines. Abe and I met up with some of our Westside buddies, Phil and Jae Sunday afternoon. There’s an outside seating area…


…but we opted to sit indoors…


…I knew we had a lot of food coming and we needed double tables!


First up were some chips and guac – I had a few handfuls


Supplemented with fresh salsas from the serve-yourself bar


Grateful for two other carnivores to help me with all the meat!

Carne Asada Plate


5 types of tacos – beef, shrimp, fish, chicken, and lobster


1/2 a Rotisserie Chicken


Vegetarian dishes – a cheese quesadilla with fresh grilled veggies


Chile Relleno – stuffed with cheese and smothered in green sauce


We also got a vegetarian burrito but I forgot to snap a picture. Too many dishes on the table, I lost track!!!

It was actually one of our favorites – the very first dish to go. I ate about 2-3 plates that looked like this:


Other standouts were the chicken – super juicy and flavorful (even with the skin removed). And organic!!!


I also really enjoyed the tacos, mostly because of the homemade corn tortillas, which are thick and chewy.


Another nice touch were these grilled peppers, which Benny himself delivered to the table


His place looks super casual, but these little touches put it in a class above your typical Mexican takeout


The only thing they don’t make from scratch are their sodas and ice cream.


Choco Tacos! We used to devour these by the box-ful in college. I wanted one but we were all too stuffed.  Thank you, Benny!

Finally had a little room for dessert 8 hours later – 1/2 a piano recital cookie with cherries and cocoa


So happy to see stone fruit again at the Farmer’s Market! This wasn’t a very sweet bunch – hopefully next week’s batch will be better.

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Musical Cookies

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There was no music at the Hollywood Bowl when I left the other bloggers


…but my Saturday was still filled with melody


I went to see my cousin Noah perform in his last piano recital before heading off to college. He’s come a long way since last year!


The reception that followed had the most insane looking cookies. I was still sugar-snacked out from The Hollywood Bowl picnic but I did take home a few for later…


…okay, more like eight, between Abe and I…(Bubs would’ve been so proud)

Never really got hungry enough for a proper dinner. I decided to eat some veggies in snack form around 8pm


Rhythm Superfoods sent two flavors of their Kale Chips to try. I sampled half a bag of the Mango Habanero


I’m often too lazy to make the homemade version, so these are good to just have lying around. Reminiscent of Pringles – highly addictive, crunchy, and super seasoned – but naturally so:


Abe wanted some miso soup so I split the Trader Joe’s kind – they come two servings in a packet


It’s much milder than my usual stripped down version but I like the little bits of freeze dried tofu in there


Around midnight I finally tried one of those cookies – this is half of the ginger, and yes, it was INSANITY


Eaten with my usual bedtime snacks – cocoa and apple


Watching the X-mas episode of Treme brought me back to our trip to NOLA


Remember when we met Wendell Pierce at The House of Blues? In the show his band was playing a Holiday gig


I want to go back again this December, enjoy more music, and NOT get sick.