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Baker Faker


Found two partially eaten energy bars in the fridge this morning


Abe tried a bite of both and didn’t like either – I personally found them to be rather tasty. They were actually the perfect breakfast while I put on my baker hat and got to work.

There’s a blogger potluck tomorrow and I said I’d make something sweet, with all the crazy amounts of Granola and Jam in the house.


Used Ambrosial Granola’s recipe for Athenian Harvest Muesli Bars, subbing the butter with Coconut Manna, and using a combo of Honey Creme/Agave in place of straight up honey. Added a few tablespoons of Almond Milk, too, since Coconut Butter doesn’t get all melty like the regular stuff.


The recipe says to use an 11×7 pan; I used an 8×8 and still found it to be pretty shallow.


They also wouldn’t slide out of the pan easily so I’m leaving them in there, in tact. But I did taste the “batter” raw and it was delicious


Fearing it wouldn’t be tasty (and that there wouldn’t be enough) I rolled up my sleeves for another project


Followed the box instructions, veganizing it with a flax egg and Almond Milk


I also added a dollop of Bonne Maman Fig Preserves in the middle, to make it extra special


Then covered the tops with the remaining batter


While I waited for those to cook, I licked another empty bowl and spoon


Plus some fruit to round out my “lunch”


15 minutes later I smelled something burning


*Sigh* It’s no secret I’m not a baker.

The preserves oozed out, burned, and stuck to the paper. Making it near impossible to get the muffins out of the tins whole.


I apologize in advance to the bloggers tomorrow for the hideousness I will be bringing. I can assure you, though, that they are delicious, as I sampled one that was beyond hope:


But who knows – I also liked those energy bars that Abe despised. Maybe my taste buds are crazy and everyone will hate these!!!

If you’re in Los Angeles, free at noon tomorrow (and can bring something to distract from these mishaps) leave a comment and I’ll give you the details.

Sushi Dreams


No sushi actually consumed, just fantasized about


CAPE put together a preview screening of the new food documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” last night. The movie recently played at The Berlin and Tribeca Film Festivals.

There was Vietnamese food from China Beach to nosh on beforehand


I had a mini plate with a lot of meat and salad…


…while meeting new peeps, like filmmaker David Au

My second helping was the same, with some added carbs


You can’t see it in the picture but here’s the fried rice that got buried under everything


After the screening, there was a Q&A with the producer, director, and editor


It was one of the best food docs I’ve ever seen – beautifully shot, interesting story, and of course, left me strongly craving sushi. It was really late when we got back, and I had to settle for what we had in the house


How sad does my miso soup, snapped with my iPhone, look? I’ll end this blog post with some real food porn – stills from the actual movie

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 10.01.33 PM Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 10.01.44 PM Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 10.02.16 PM

Here’s the trailer

“Jiro Dreams of Sushi” won’t be out in theaters until later this year. If you’re in a fish-documentary mood, though, check out this short by R.J. Cutler about Celebrity Chef Jon Shook (Animal) and his new L.A. restaurant Fish – you can watch the 20-minute documentary online now.