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Cafe du Village” was the restaurant Abe and I frequented almost every weekend since moving to Los Angeles six years ago. We were regulars, so I was reluctant to visit the cafe which took over its space five months ago.

But when Baciami recently offered me the chance to come in and sample a meal on the house….


You know me and free food.


Stepping up to the counter, we were immediately greeted by the friendly Manuel, who suggested a tomato, chicken, and Gruyere crepe


I told him I was sensitive to cheese, so he promised to go light on the Gruyere


A very small mixed green and tomato salad comes on the side, dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette


My dining partner Jane also ordered a savory crepe – we traded bites


Hers had ham, caramelized onions, and brie


My free meal also included a coffee, so I let Jane be my taste-tester for that


She proclaimed it very strong, bold, and still nice at room temperature (though it should be noted that it came served piping hot)


We both enjoyed our crepes, but actually preferred the sweet version which were being offered for free to sample on the street


These had a thin layer of nutella, producing a nice crisp crust on the crepe itself


In fact, it’s the sweets I’ll be coming back to Baciami for – made by Manuel!


All the gelatos…


…and sorbets


They also offer truffles, but we didn’t sample any of those


Instead, we went to town on the cold stuff!


I had a bite of over 13 flavors – all were delicious, including the sorbets and sugar-free (sweetened with Splenda) options


Most impressive were the Chocolate, the Tiramisu (I don’t even LIKE tiramisu!) and the fun candy bar versions like Kit Kat and Ferrero Rocher.

“Baciami” means “Kiss Me” and by the end of this meal I definitely wanted to smooch somebody. I miss my “Cafe du Village” but I do love a good dessert.

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Rest and Fluids

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I’m still feeling sick – though I’m grateful I don’t seem to have what a lot of fellow Californians (and recent visitors) have and can actually keep food down.

I let Abe polish off the gnocchi/salad leftovers and fished out some soup from the freezer. My body was screaming for liquids.


This is a new product from Trader Joe’s – Tom Yam Soup with Spinach Mushroom Wontons


Followed the package directions, layering wontons, then soup, and finally spices


Used my favorite microwaveable Pyrex dish, rather than covering a bowl with plastic wrap


I added some fresh baby spinach during the last minute of heating


Not bad! Not bad at all. Will definitely satisfy any Thai takeout cravings.


Plenty spicy too – you can adjust the heat levels with how much of the seasoning packet you want to add (I threw the whole thing in)


Whole Foods quarters were divided into eighths


I’ve missed my frozen fruit/hot cocoa combo!


Eaten while watching “The Life and Times of Harvey Milk” – an amazing documentary that made me nostalgic for San Francisco


…but I admit I was asleep through most of it.

Woke up in time to plow through the 2-hour episode of American Idol that had finished recording.

There are very few uber stars I can say I’m a big fan of. But I really adore Beyonce.


More snacks…


…and soup


Surprisingly I didn’t wake up a million times in the middle of the night with all those fluids! Slept very well again. Hoping today’s the day I cross over to the non-ache-y side!