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Back to Reality

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Although I’m still feeling under the weather, today is not another play day. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t have a weekend-esque breakfast with my husband before he left for work.


Tofutti sent a bunch of free coupons to try their products a while ago. I’ve sampled their Cream Cheese and Cuties, but this is my first experience with their Blintzes, which I found in the Trader Joe’s freezer section


After a 1-minute ding dong, I slathered them in TJ’s Pumpkin Butter, which turned out to be unnecessary since they’re plenty sweet. Creamy too, with no “tofu-ish” aftertaste.


Paired with pear. Really really yummy.


Unfortunately, doesn’t hold the appetite. I was hungry two hours later, and started snacking immediately – toasted up a piece of frozen Julian Bakery Smart Carb bread (which quickly fell apart)


We’ve got a bunch of fresh veggies in the fridge, but that’s being saved for a dinner guest tonight. So I chopped up two small carrots


Finally opened this Barney Butter sample I’ve had for a while -


When I first started reading food blogs in 2008 these were all the rage! I think I’ve experienced enough fancy nut butter since (made without added sugar) that I wasn’t as impressed as 31-year-old Lynn would’ve been


Smeared on everything, with a cup of miso soup too


I’m really not looking forward to what’s waiting for me in the bedroom…


(The laundry part, not Julius.)

Missing my days on set! H.P. recently posted a video of our very last martini shot. I look so sad when they announced picture wrap!

Weekend Extension

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Monday morning Abe and I both woke up feeling like ass so we decided to extend the weekend a little longer….

I repeated Sunday’s trip to Bricks and Scones, only this time I ordered a Chestnut Corn Muffin


In the afternoon we felt another movie was in order. I packed the same munchies


…sipping on some miso soup before leaving


Used a 1/2 off groupon; I hadn’t realized that Fandango only allows you to purchase tickets for certain (inconveniently located) theaters.

And unfortunately, I mistakenly got them from the wrong one (I’d meant to choose the L.A. Live theater downtown). Fandango fail.


Going to see a movie at Universal City Walk is a pain in the ass, because you have to deal with $$$ parking, even after the rebate, plus the obnoxious tourist traps


I must admit it’s a nice place to catch a flick, though. We sat in the balcony and laughed our asses off – “Bridesmaids” definitely lived up to all the hype it’s been getting.


Afterwards, we stopped by one of the insane stores – the only one calling my name



Other than the pound of Reese’s they sell, there’s a jelly bean Marilyn Monroe display for $25,409.30


I bought $4 worth of candy instead – a combo of gummy sour fruit and chocolate covered brownies/cookie dough


None of the overpriced chain restaurants at City Walk were appealing, so we came home and threw together quick salads for dinner


  • Chopped spinach and spring lettuce mix
  • TJ’s frozen roasted corn
  • Edamame
  • Chopped raw cremini mushrooms
  • TJ’s Peach Salsa
  • Lotsa Salt and Pepper



Dessert was divided evenly


Plus fresh blueberries = the perfect fruit salad!!!


Especially when consumed with hot chocolate


This is a powdered Nestle mix with water – still using up the packets I brought with me to San Francisco


Another glorious 8 hours of sleep! I am starting to feel better today…I may actually begin unpacking…(maybe)