Yes, We’re Closed

I can’t believe how quickly the shoot for “Yes We’re Open” went – it feels like just yesterday that I arrived in San Francisco for my wardrobe fitting and table read!!!

There’s way too much to recap from the last three weeks (search the archives from April 24th, 2011 through May 14th to follow all my filming/foodie adventures) but below are some of my favorite posts.

“Attending” not just one, but two weddings

Pretending to be stoned

Shooting Drama at the Farmers Market…

…and more at The Roxie

Makeup Genius Carlen (and her covering scars/bruises trick)

Filming the “intimate” stuff – some easy, some not

Sex and food were definitely the themes of this shoot!

Numerous dinner party scenes

Scarfing down all the donations for in front of and behind the camera

Discovering new places to eat in San Francisco

and shop

But of course the best part was working (and playing) with very talented friends – both old and new

The movie now goes into post-production – you’ll hear a lot less about “Yes We’re Open” on this blog, but if you become a facebook fan or twitter follower, you can stay up-to-date on everything happening!

  • Lauren

    It has been so fun to follow you through this! I can’t wait to see it now. I’m going to feel like I was a part of it from the beginning. :)

  • Tori (Fresh Fruition)

    It was so cool to follow along with the shooting! Its awesome to see all the behind-the-scenes.

  • Pure2raw twins

    Lynn this is so exciting. It is has been so fun hearing about your experiences, I look forward to many more.

  • Jolene (

    You have the greatest job!

    That did go by very fast – I can’t wait to see this film!!!!

  • Gillian

    Definitely following, I am dying to see it already!!

  • Susan

    love your outfit at the farmers market!

  • Diana@mymarblerye

    So fun! Congrats on this gig!

  • Urv

    Wow this made me nostalgic. We need a sequel just as an excuse to hang out on set again!

  • Swapna Rajput (@swapnarajput)

    cool…Is it gonna released in India? good to see you & Sheetal Sheth together :)

  • bee brojan

    excited to watch this movie.