Daily Archives: May 15, 2011

Hot Stuff

breakfast - vegan

It was raining when we woke up – even though there was just a teeny bit of oat bran left (less than 1/4 cup) I really wanted a hot breakfast


Made it with water in the microwave, added some liquid stevia, and bulked the bowl up with some fresh blueberries, and granola



This is Love Grown’s Cocoa Goodness Flavor


Cocoa = chocolate chips = melted awesome gooeyness when I ding donged it all for another 45 seconds


By 10am, the sun came out so we headed to Bricks and Scones for outdoor productivity


I had read online that tea bags are good for styes so I pressed this to my eye for a few minutes…


Julius wasn’t embarrassed by my eye patch, just exhausted (he had been on vacation too, while Abe and I were both out of town)



We had plans to take my cousin Maya to see “African Cats” for her birthday. I packed my own movie snacks:


Was really surprised to see Tim, who played my husband in “The People I’ve Slept With” on a billboard right across the street from the theater!!!


He had mentioned this in the guest post he wrote for “Thick Dumpling Skin,” but I had no idea how GINORMOUS it was. Go, Tim! (And for those of you interested in what this hot, shirtless stud has to say when it comes to relationships, check out his interview on Abe’s site, “The Man’s Guide to Love.“)

Home, Home Again

dessert - dinner - soup/stew - travel - vegan

How I love small airports – from Oakland to Burbank, there was very little drama at security, baggage claim, etc. (Plus free wifi!)


I brought my vegan leftovers from Little Bird Coffeehouse on the plane with me


Eaten while reading the April issue of KoreAm Magazine


Was surprised to find myself featured in it!!! A review of my other blog, Thick Dumpling Skin


By the time I finished the magazine and the sandwich, we were already preparing for landing. That’s a short flight!

Back home, this guy was waiting for me:


SO HAPPY to be with my boys again. My hubby Abe not only took care of a bunch of household work while I was gone, he also picked up groceries and made dinner so I wouldn’t even have to THINK about food.

Using the newly released How To Cook Everything Vegetarian App, he concocted his own version of Mark Bittman’s Mushroom Barley Soup


Added some bean/legume mix for protein, and nixed the dried porcini


It was delicious, comforting, and exactly what I needed


Dessert came back from San Francisco with me – Bella Viva dried fruit


That’s not a piece of cheese in front…


It’s a Blueberry Cheesecake Kit Kat I got on the last day of the “Yes We’re Open” shoot


Only available in Japan, unfortunately. I don’t know why – they’re awesome and should be in every convenience store across the country!

Caught up on some TV I’ve been missing these last few weeks


Back in our usual spots on the couch, with the blanket pulled in from the bedroom


Unfortunately, 21 days of insomnia, filming outdoors in the cold, and wearing a ton of makeup every day has finally caught up with me – I finally slept well but had cold sweats all night, a sore throat/body aches this morning, and woke up with a zit and stye forming on my face. Looks like my body knows I’m finally home too. I’m grateful it didn’t decide to fall apart on camera.