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Day 16 of 16

acting - sandwich

Final day on “Yes We’re Open:(

I’ll miss having all my clothes planned, pressed, and coordinated for me…

…and having my hair/makeup professionally done by Carlen (who blogged about the products she used on me here)

Urvi took the picture above (and I snapped the one of her below) – she was a constant presence, driving us everywhere we needed to be, and is already gone!

I’ll miss all the cast/crew….

I’ll miss the gift of getting to act every single day. This role is a great one and I can’t wait for you all to see the movie once it’s done (that won’t be for a while, though).

Today I started off with sugar. 1/2 a chocolate chip muffin, some brownie, and a Clementine with green tea.

I have to say, I won’t miss eating takeout and snacks all the time. I’m so ready for my stove, my microwave, and all my boring homecooked meals again!

Green Apple

acting - books/reading - dinner - store - take out

Thursday was the 2nd to last day of filming “Yes We’re Open.” We’re getting crazy now!


It was our final time waiting for the sun to go down for exterior night shots. After we finished the bathroom scene above (which did NOT actually entail eating Whale Tails in the shower) we enjoyed our last takeout “lunch” from Shanghai Dumpling King


There were only mini plates left, so I piled my food onto a few


One for veggies


One for carbs


And one for meat


I learned my lesson from Wednesday night’s shoot and overstuffed myself with an additional helping, so I wouldn’t be starving after midnight


Once it got dark, we finished our final two outdoor scenes (it was FREEZING and I’m beyond grateful to be done with those), then headed over to Green Apple Books¬†after they had closed to customers.


This was my favorite filming location, and is one of the best bookstore I’ve ever been to!


Everywhere you looked there were things that screamed: “READ ME” ¬†(And wouldn’t you know – there’s a 1/2 off deal today!)





Speaking of Tartine, I found this mishmash of sweets I’d amassed this past week in my bag – everything from brownie bits to several types of cookies. Totally hit the spot when we wrapped at 1:30 am


Finally got to bed at 3 but woke up after 4 hours, as usual. We’ll be burning the midnight oil again but I’m hoping all the emotion and adrenaline will carry me through this last day!