Food Pornography

Filming Sex Scenes for “Yes We’re Open.”

After yesterday’s shoot, I have such respect for porn actors. Filming sex is exhausting. And we were just faking it!!!!

Here are some of my tweets from yesterday:

Screen shot 2011-05-03 at 6.53.15 PM.png

Screen shot 2011-05-03 at 6.53.50 PM.png

Seriously, it felt like a Yoga marathon all day long! Bikram (hot), Iyengar (having to hold weird positions for long periods of time), Ashtanga (moving quickly from one pose to another) and Kundalini (crazy breathing/panting).

But enough about sex. You’re here for the food!

Lunch was provided by Sataysfied, a local San Francisco catering company


My first plate had the chicken and tofu satays – plus both salads: an Asian coleslaw and a Romaine/Tomato mix


I used the peanut sauce to coat the greens by accident (which turned out not to be a mistake, because it was delicious)


Got it right on the second round – used the creamy dressing provided. But this time I tried the Pork Satay


Here’s me with the owner/chef of Sataysfied – one very talented dude!


The meal properly fueled the rest of a very physical day.  Back at the hotel, we got more food donations for crafts service!!!


Newman’s Own Organics provided an amazing bounty of their pretzels…


…cookies (including several varieties of my very favorite – Hermits)


Even mints (these will come in handy for when Parry Shen and Sheetal Sheth have to shoot THEIR sex scenes next week!)


We also received TWO BOXES of Falafel Chips.


Remember when I reviewed these last year?!? They’re one of the most unique chips I’ve ever tasted and I can’t wait for the rest of the “Yes We’re Open” cast/crew to try them too.


Thank you to all these companies for supporting our ultra low budget film and keeping us well fed!!!

Unfortunately, all these amazing snacks will have to wait until tomorrow, because today we all have a much-needed day off! Whoever decided to schedule a rest day after sex day is a genius!


22 thoughts on “Food Pornography

  1. Ellie @ The Mommyist

    Peanut sauce sounds like the perfect salad dressing to me! I hope you enjoy your day off and get to explore the city a little.

  2. Jamie @ Food in Real Life

    I love satay- and dipping sauces 🙂 Glad to see you’re on set for a new movie. The trailer looks interesting, I’d love to see it.

    Thanks for the insightful post on my blog too- really needed to hear that good advice. You’re the best Lynn!

  3. Gillian

    I’m always so curious about how sex scenes are filmed. Basically lots of dry humping? Sounds like a good workout!

    Just watched the trailer and I’m already dying to see this!!! I wish I could come cater one of your films!

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      i wish that too!!! yes – i was wearing a couple layers of clothes under my skirt!

  4. Diane

    I can only imagine how tiring it must be to film sex scenes. When will production of the movie be over? Can’t wait for its release!

    As always the food looked yummy.

    Good to hear you got a day off. Enjoy your day!

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      thanks! we’re halfway done through shooting. about another 8 or 9 days!

  5. Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count

    The falafel chips look great! I think I need to order some! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Lindsay

    Wow, I haven’t been on for a few days bc I was on the road, but look at you, sexy pants!! That is awesome, and takes a lot of confidence for a sexy movie scene! Good for you for continuing to move on forward with your career, and we enjoy all the tasty tidbits as you go!

  7. Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen)

    Have fun on your rest day! Looks like tons of tasty eats on this shoot!

  8. Erica

    hahahha 🙂 Glad you were able to keep properly fueled 🙂 I love peanut sauce- I could eat it with a spoon! And hooray for all the donations- that is just awesome.

  9. Healthy Coconut

    You can add Bar Method workouts into that sex scene, lots of ups and down moves, and lots of butt raises…lol! You are so funny Lynn.

    Love hearing about your movie shoot days and all the food you have been eating.

  10. Jen @ keepitsimplefoods

    OMG! I can’t believe you had to do a sex scene! I’m closing my eyes and plugging my ears and refusing to look! LOL! I’m such a prude.

  11. Lauren

    I can’t imagine what filming a sex scene would be like. Okay, this may be a little personal but I have to ask….
    do the guys ever get “turned on?” I know its awkward and everyone is watching, but it seems like it would just be so easy for that to happen. The motion, the thought, the heavy breathing. I dunno, I ALWAYS wondered that!

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      ha ha. i haven’t shot many sex scenes but haven’t had this issue yet! i’m sure it is though!

      1. Walking E

        I’m sure this never came up (again, no pun intended) while shooting “Saving Face”. 😉

  12. Walking E

    As a guy, I have to say it would be really hard (no pun intended) to, uh, “keep it under control” in that situation. which means I’d probably be apologizing profusely to the actress to the point of making her want to slug me. But, then again, I’m not an actor, and I imagine that actors have had to learn to be mentally prepared for these scenes. The old “just think about baseball” technique probably works for a lot of actors. 😉

  13. It All Changes

    I am glad you explained the tweet. I was beginning to wonder what kind of scenes those were and if I needed to do more yoga.

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