Scenes From a (Non-Italian) Restaurant

Monday’s filming took place at a restaurant…

…but I still had to make my own breakfast from an electric kettle:

I love prop menus!

It’d be fun to design one, but not worry about actually making anything on it.

Four hours into filming I snacked on a Sweet and Salty Almond Granola Bar

When we broke for lunch two hours later I was SO READY to chow!

The producers know I love my veggies, so they ordered an avocado salad from Pancho Villa Taqueria especially for me

I ate it with some burrito, because how can you be in The Mission and NOT eat one?!? This was the tofu ranchero with beans + rice

Chips + fresh fresh salsa

We also had our own personal ice cream man!

I enjoyed a coconut bar for dessert

When we finally wrapped I had to rush back to my hotel to put myself on tape for a movie audition. This lovely package was waiting in my room!!!

As I mentioned in Saturday’s Farmer’s Market post, Bella Viva Orchards donated a generous sample of their Certified Organic goodies for the cast/crew of “Yes We’re Open” to enjoy

Their mail-order gift baskets arrive beautifully packaged, in a crate designed to have little impact on the environment (made from trees that would normally be burned)

Of course, I will bring them to share with everyone today, but I couldn’t help but sample the goods last night, with some miso soup

Longtime readers know how I love my dried fruit…

….and this stuff is probably among the best I’ve ever had – the perfect amount of sweetness and chew – all without added sugars or preservatives. I’m particularly smitten with their persimmons

Having a blast in San Fran, but of course I am missing Abe, Julius, and the LA Asian Pacific Film Fest! A reminder that my short movie “Via Text” is premiering this Wednesday, May 4th at 7pm before the feature “Seesaw.”

I didn’t get to party with him, but my buddy Phil (a.k.a. Angry Asian Man) just celebrated his blog’s 10th anniversary through the festival, and here’s the video a bunch of us put together for him (even Julius made the cut – we’re somewhere around the 4 minute mark):

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20 thoughts on “Scenes From a (Non-Italian) Restaurant

  1. Jax

    Oh wow, that crate looks amazing. What a great gift that would make! So fun to follow along on your movie adventures from my boring old desk. Enjoy!

  2. quandariesoftheaverage

    That burrito looks killer. Made me want a burrito RIGHT NOW. It’s currently 9 am and I just ate breakfast…already decided what I’m having for lunch thanks to this post!

  3. Gillian

    That dried fruit selection is my dream! Dried fruit has to be top on my favourite foods list! When I was travelling I would live off of it with nuts and snacks!

    Loving the movie re-caps, you look stunning in the wedding scene red dress!!

  4. brokencookiesdontcount

    The dried fruit looks delicious. I don’t often find unique dried fruit around here (southern NJ) I wish Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s was closer. Also where do you find the packaged Miso soup? It sounds like such a good idea for an evening snack! I’m enjoying the SF posts! Thanks!

  5. Jessie

    I work in props, so I’ve made my share of fake menus. They are fun, but the best part is being able to make up the name of the restaurant when it’s not in the script and the director doesn’t care!

  6. An Asian Child

    Thanks for such a beautiful blog. I started reading it, not knowing who you were, and was delighted to find out that I love your movies. You were great in The People I’ve Slept With and White On Rice. This is such a great blog to show people that you can eat and be beautiful. I think you’re the first asian actress I’ve seen on screen that inspired me to not starve myself and instead exercise and eat right. Thanks.

  7. Sonia

    I just love to see what you do at work!
    I love that aspect of your blog- it’s so different from everything else I read. Little details like showing us the fake menu and your makeup trick from last week are things I love to see 🙂
    And that dried fruit looks so awesome!

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