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28 Takes


This morning we filmed a “Yes We’re Open” scene at The Alemany Farmer’s Market



When you shoot a low-budget movie in a crowded public location, you really have to improvise!

Breakfast on the bumper


I ate a Raisin bagel with a packet of Artisina Cashew Butter


Then got changed in my makeshift dressing room (aka the backseat of a car, blacked out)


Makeup at the trunk


Ferrari Farms gave us permission to shoot in front of their booth


My scene partners:


It took 28 takes (of the master shot, before we moved into closeups) because crowd control was next to impossible. People would look into camera, or scream “They’re shooting a movie!”


Still, it was nice to be outdoors in the sunshine among all the beautiful produce…



…also psyched to see local farm Bella Viva Orchards, who is kindly donating their Dried Fruit and Nuts for cast/crew snacks!



Alice in Wonderland

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Had a little afternoon tea with my dear old friend Alice

7 years ago; she's the Asian to the right of me


…who holds a special place in my heart, as the director of my very first feature film,¬†Saving Face

We met at Leland Tea Company

Such a cute spot!

I ordered a small Ginger Rogers

Alice didn’t know sizes were an option; her’s was the bigger one

I look so weird from this angle – like I’m at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

Dinner plans with another director friend got cancelled last-minute due to baby duties, so I just snacked in my hotel room.

This was my first time eating an Arkansas Black apple and it was delightful. Snow White beautiful, too.

A Nugo Mint Chocolate Chip bar – also delicious

Spent my night watching the Royal Wedding recaps, catching up on blog stuff, watching movies instantly on Netflix, and studying lines for today’s scenes (we’re filming at the farmer’s market!!!)

It was actually a really lovely, mellow evening and I’m grateful I wound up with some much-needed “me time” before getting back to work!

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