To the Shore and Back Again

A trip down the NJ Shore for Abe’s Grandmother’s Funeral – lunch at Buckalews and dessert atĀ Evergreen Dairy Bar.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but the reason for our quick trip east is Abe’s grandmother, who passed away in January. The official services are tomorrow, but today a small group of us piled into a rental van for a little memorial in Beach Haven, NJ (where she often vacationed)


Appropriate music from her time on satellite radio!


My breakfast:


The clouds parted and the sun shone down right as we were on the beach!



Afterwards we had lunch around 2:30 at nearby Buckalews.


Dinner reservations at 7:30 so I ordered just a soup (Manhattan Clam Chowder)…


…knowing full well I’d be stealing bites. Some of Abe’s Portabello, Veggie, and Cheese


and David’s crab cake sandwich (too salty)


A whole bunch of fried foods! Half of these surprisingly yummy french fries


And a couple reeeeeally long sweet potato ones


My favorite were these Toasted Onion Battered Green Beans


I filled up on a few too many of those, with Ranch and Sweet Soy dipping sauce.

On the drive back we quickly stopped by Evergreen Dairy Bar for soft serve.


Just a taste.


Now we’re off to dinner! I’m still full so I’m sure I’ll just wind up eating off of everyone’s plates again…


8 thoughts on “To the Shore and Back Again

  1. vanillasugarblog

    aww sorry about abe’s grandma. that was a nice little ceremony. and the sun came out at the perfect time. very nice.
    i cannot wait for summer and all that ice cream that needs taste testing! right? it’s a tough job but i’m ok with that.

  2. Diane

    Very nice get together. Looks like the weather cleared up a little there..

    Those Onion Roasted Green Beans look mighty yummy. Gonna try to make them sometime.. Could be an innovative appetizer.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Mimi

    I am so sorry to hear about Abe’s nana. I lost mine no too long ago and I know it has left an aweful hole.
    My warm wishes and prayers are being sent your way.

    In other, happier news, last night I saw source code and the entire time I watched it, I thought of you! The supporting female… christina, i think.. (played by Rachel or michelle moynahan?)
    Just reminded me of you! I must have said to myself at least 5 or 6 times “Lynn is perfect for this role! She could play it SO much better!!”
    I have been crossing my fingers for your “huge” audition! I really Really hope you get a call back!
    even if you don’t, I sincerely believe that its only a matter a time before you’re such a big star you’ll have to start dodging nosy TMZ reporters!

  4. Cindy

    Glad you were able to get together to acknowledge Bubs. Big hugs to you and Abe. I know she was very special to you all.

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