Roy Choi’s A Frame Restaurant

An early dinner at Chef Roy Choi’s A Frame Restaurant in Culver City.

We finish with “Last of the Nisei Cougars” around 4, and drive past A Frame Restaurant at 5:15 – just as it is opening!



The chef’s famous Kogi Taco Truck is also nearby, but we decide to try his sit-down restaurant instead. Despite speaking on a panel with him, I’ve never actually eaten any of Roy Choi’s food before!

Looks like we make the right choice, because the place is already packed (and doesn’t take reservations).


The space is small, housed inside an old IHOP – you can tell by the signature sloped roof (a.k.a. the “A Frame”).



With very few tables, you wind up dining next to strangers. I am hoping our neighbors will share their Furikake Kettle Corn (I offer some of our food to them) but they never do.


Abe and I order a couple different dishes. The first to come out are the Kitchen Fries.


Purple Okinawan Sweet Potato, Yam, Korean Sweet Potato – this is Abe’s “main course” so I sample a bite of each.


They are truly stellar, especially dipped in the Kimchi Sour Cream sauce. Β Very quickly after, my order arrives – the Warm Cornbread and Chicken Salad.


A pool of Salsa Verde and grilled piece of Cornbread, topped with a Chicken Salad ragout with Italian Sausage and pickled red onion/cilantro.


It is pretty good, but not as amazing as the fries. The cornbread is too charred and gets mushy from the sauce. But for $8, who cares?

We also split an order of the Heirloom Pickles – house-cured seasonal veggies like fennel, cucumbers, carrots, radishes…


…all dipped in this amazing creamy sauce drizzled with olive oil.


You wouldn’t think Fuji Apple would work well with it, but WOW. It does!


Back at the beach house, I am too full for Mildred Pierce.


Only half-way through this new HBO miniseries but am in love with it already.


Especially all the beautiful, beautiful food!!!



10 thoughts on “Roy Choi’s A Frame Restaurant

  1. Madelyne

    wow those fries look awesome! I’ve never heard of that show. I don’t have cable so I have to watch all the shows that I know of illegally on my laptop.

  2. Hallie

    Looks yum! I always offer bites of my food to Mitch and half the time it’s because I want to try his food (he’s not really into sharing, it’s so sad, but I’ve broken him down over the years and he’s getting better) but the other half of the time I don’t care if I taste his food but I really want him to try mine! He’s always accusing me of wanting to steal his food πŸ˜‰

  3. Emily @ Savory and Savage

    Lol, as soon as I saw the pictures of the A-frame I was thinking, “That looks like an IHOP”. I think it is great that they re-purposed an old IHOP.

    The kitchen fries looked mouth watering πŸ™‚

  4. chanelandolivia

    i’ll take the chicken fries and popcorn πŸ˜‰

    visit my blog

  5. emilyeats

    glad you finally got to try A Frame! i dream about those kitchen fries. next time i’ll try the heirloom pickles. ps. & what a nice surprise to check out your blog & find a pic of our JANM perf. on here πŸ™‚ xo

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