Benkyodo Birthday Bonuses

Mochi at Benkyodo in San Francisco and pizza at the Oxbow Public Marketย in Napa.

Abe turns 35 today!!! ย This morning we walked across the street from our hotel to Benkyodo.


It looks like a coffee shop…


…but their specialty is handmade Japanese confections


We each got a piece of mochi – soft, pillowy, melt-in-your-mouth amazing. Went perfectly with some herbal tea:


Stuffed with blueberry – mmmmm


We picked up a rental car (<—upgraded because of Abe’s birthday!) left the rainy city, and headed into Wine Country!


It was almost 2pm by the time we arrived at the Oxbow Public Market in Napa.


This is like a high-end gourmet food court, full of organic and sustainable choices.

Abe’s favorite food is pizza, so the choice of where to eat was a no-brainer.


Ca’ Momi is one of those authentic Italian places where you don’t ask for extra parm or red pepper flakes. Or spinach on your pizza (woops).


We ordered the Marinara, which comes with garlic, oregano, and EVOO.


Split in two, mostly eaten with a fork/knife – it was saucy!


What flavor! You don’t even miss the cheese with tomatoes like that. And the crust…


Because it was Abe’s special day, we got hooked up with complimentary dessert!


Except mine was empty (still delicious)


Don’t worry, I still got in on some cream action.


After leaving that little foodie paradise, we drove through Yountville and along the windiest road ever. Quite romantic, with this weather!


Just checked into our bed and breakfast. Look what’s in the room:


Birthdays rock, even when they’re not your’s!!!


25 thoughts on “Benkyodo Birthday Bonuses

  1. Tamara Christie

    Agreed, when you’re in love it’s like getting two birthdays each year! Happy happy to Abe. (Mine’s tomorrow!) Enjoy the B&B and wine!

  2. Evan Thomas

    Happy birthday to Abe! Today is a big day for birthdays; Abe makes the third person I know about.

  3. Sara K

    Mochi is delicious! And I love Wine Country! I’m from Marin County (right between SF and Napa, so I get to be super close to all the incredible restaurants that Sonoma and Napa have to offer! I think I’ll be having pizza for dinner ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Lauren

    That pizza sounds incredible!! I need to bookmark this place for when we go to Napa this summer.

    Happy Birthday to Abe!! Enjoy your night.

  5. rebecca lustig

    ugh your posts remind me of how much I loved California! I worked on an organic farm in northern cali as an alternative spring break one year. it was incredible! wish i got to spend more time in san fran though

  6. Amy @ Second City Randomness

    Awww… Happy Birthday, Abe! I hope the birthday weekend treats him just as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. TheCreamFilling

    Oh my goshhh I love mochi! Especially on top of some dairy-free fro yo. Mmmmmmm…

    On another note, happy birthday to Abe!

    That pizza, by the way, looks absolutely delicious! Nothing beats real, rustic Italian pizza in my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. RoseRunner

    Hey, napa’s my hometown! love the shout out. And that little windy road you speak of is probably Silverado Trail — the road I’ve run 26.2 miles on during 3 different years for the Napa marathon!

  9. katecooks

    happy belated birthday to abe! looks like you had a few great days of extra delicious food. you must be so relieved to be back home though. i love traveling, until i get home and it’s like AHHHH sweet relief! glad your ankle is feeling better too!

  10. marites

    well hello!:) just as promised im now reading your blog too bad i missed your wonderful husbands to the love of your life abe.,,belated happy birthday sir!!

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