South Congress Cafe

Taking a break from SXSW at South Congress Cafe.

My press schedule is getting rearranged today, so Abe and I decide to take a little break from SXSW stuff.  We are heading to South Congress Cafe for brunch.

I’ve been here once, years ago. It’s on South Congress next door to the famous boot shop.

There is a really long wait. They are slammed!

Complimentary cornbread muffins! We each have 2.5 for an even split.

Although their hearty brunch dishes look amazing, we both just want salads.

I get the Beet one sans cheese – with grilled tri tip beef, so they give me a scary knife.

I trade some non beefy bites with Abe, who gets the special salad, a Greek one.

These are some of the best salads I’d ever eaten – and you guys know I consume A LOT of them. The dressings are flavorful, the veggies are crisp and fresh, and the meat is tender and juicy.

Afterwards we drive further down SoCo to do some laundry.

I heart laundromats. I haven’t been to one in so long that I am surprised they now have free wifi! Makes sense.

After we fluff n fold we are heading back to the Convention Center for more film fest madness! See ya later!


6 thoughts on “South Congress Cafe

  1. Serena

    That’s a serious knife. You should have posed the part of serial killer in that pic 🙂

  2. hippierunner

    This sounds kinda weird but I loooove running past laundromats for the clean laundry smell!

  3. Vivian

    Instagram has got to be the best iPhone app ever! 😀
    And I am craving for a hearty salad now after seeing your pics.

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