The Highball – Austin, TX

Continuing my “Twilight Zone” theme from Monday (I still can’t believe that was just yesterday) I got a call from my agent in the afternoon saying I was requested for an audition. Luckily, the casting director was okay with me putting it on tape. So Abe and I cancelled our SXSW plans and spent the rest of the afternoon filming/editing the scenes.  We worked straight through the evening – by 9pm we were starving and had a party to attend at The Highball.


This is probably the biggest audition I’ve ever had in my almost 30-year career. With 11 pages of emotional dialogue and crying (all read cold because I needed to be done before today) I am not expecting anything to come of it. But lemme tell y’all, if I get this part, it’d be beyond-my-wildest-dreams huge. I-will-give-a-reader-an-iPad2 huge.


I LOVE THIS PLACE.  Not only is there karaoke, but bowling!


The party was hosted by Funny or Die, which Abe has contributed a few videos to.



I grabbed one of everything – Mushroom Pate Canape, Blue Cheese n Bacon Puff Pastry, Fried Veggie Egg Roll, Fried Basil Cream Cheese Wonton…


…Pork Satay with Pineapple Salsa and Cheese n Mushroom Quesadilla.


Doesn’t it look like pizza? I wound up getting seconds of both of those finger foods.  For dessert – a Peanut Butter Brownie Bite, and an Oatmeal Cherry Cookie.


I went back for one of these guys too – it had been missing from the buffet before.


There was a really good DJ…


…but unfortunately we couldn’t stay because I had to get to my Q&A at The Long Center for Surrogate Valentine.


This isn’t our last screening at SXSW (we have one more on Saturday March 19th.  It’s at 1:30pm, inside The Alamo Ritz.


But it was the last one I’m attending in Austin.


One more day of SXSW, press, and then we are off to San Francisco for the Closing Night of SFIAAFF!  There are still some tickets available, so if you’re in the Bay Area make sure to get them now!


30 thoughts on “The Highball – Austin, TX

  1. Walking E

    Sending positive vibes your way in hopes that you will get the part!!! Oh, and bowling + great food = a great night in my book!

  2. Becki @ Bites 'n Brews

    11 pages cold? You should book it just based on that awesomeness alone! 🙂

  3. Cindy

    Congrats on the big audition! Crossing all my fingers and toes for you. Good things will come whether this part or another. Enjoy your last day in Austin, and safe travels back west!

  4. suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic]

    Wow, that is an intense audition! 🙂 Hope to hear of iPad2 news. Heh.

  5. Sorell Says...

    Looks like you are having a fabulous time!! Congrats. And good luck on that audition!!

  6. Yasmin

    Oh my god…you’re here in my town!! I will definitely need to hit up your screening on Saturday. Don’t you just love SXSW?! And Highball is so much fun! Did you hit up the karaoke machines?

  7. Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    Congrats on the audition!! Good luck and I’m looking forward to hearing some good news 😀

  8. Emily @ Savory and Savage

    Good luck with the audition – I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way!

  9. Jerilyn

    First of all, you look great.
    Second, so does that peanut butter brownie bite.
    And finally, good luck with audition!

  10. katecooks

    whoo, the hollywood rush! fingers crossed that you are giving away an ipad very, very soon 🙂

  11. mitzi song

    congrats on the opportunity! sounds like a good one. we’ll hold you to that ipad2 heheh =)

  12. heather

    Oh Lynn! Good luck!! I will be crossing my fingers you get the part (and not just for the iPad 2)! I can’t wait to be able to tell everyone I was a fan of yours before you got big and (super) famous 🙂

  13. Gail

    I am joining the chorus wishing the part for which you auditioned—and I did always want an ipad! I am so pleased that you had such a great time in Austin (I think I told you that I spent a great summer there many decades ago, and loved it), and the SXSW sounds awesome. I hope your film got a great reception.

  14. Walking E

    I’m almost afraid to ask, but is this auditon for a movie about the Japanese earthquake/tsunami already?

  15. LeQuan

    Best of luck with the audition, Lynn! What great news! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Things seem to be looking good for you in 2011 so far. Here’s to many more great news.

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