The SXSW Experience

This is what the SXSW experience has been like for me, as an actor in a low-budget indie.  I’m up bright and early this morning to start doing press for Surrogate Valentine. If you’re in Austin, watch for us on the CW! Goh is playing a song on it, too.

I have a couple hours before my next interview. SXSW is the best place to kill time!

We stop by the Foodspotting Street Food Event for breakfast.

I traded bites of my One Taco with Abe.  His version actually had strawberries in it.

Looks and sounds weird, but it was quite wonderful. The berries seem to have a lot of sugar in them because they are really sweet and liquidy. Reminds me of the egg and jam flavor combo I am so fond of.

Back at the convention center, we are playing some video games…

…and we even are finding time to check out a movie.

Kumare is a really great documentary – think Sascha Baron Cohen (Borat, Ali G) becoming a yoga guru. We are the first audience to see it, but I’m sure you will hear more about this film because everyone seems to love it. Abe thinks Oprah will be all over it.

Now I need to find the Pepsi Max room and get caffeinated. I have two hours of interviews!


9 thoughts on “The SXSW Experience

  1. Diane

    Ooh.. Guac and egg whites sound like SUCH a good idea! Will try that next time. And will definitely test out the strawberry one too, was it just eggs and strawberries? Would you have a particular recipe? I may have missed it if you blogged about it previously!

    Have an awesome day! So envious, wish I were hanging out at SXSW too!

    P-S: Thanks for responding to my previous comment, didn’t know “Surrogate Valentine” was already available for pre-order! Quite neat! 🙂

  2. kimbirdy

    yay! i’ve been loving all your reports from sxsw. i’m so happy everything is going well with surrogate valentine. good films, good music, good food – i wish i were there! 🙂

  3. Monet

    So much fun! I wish I had a badge so I could get in on all this action. I can’t wait to see you on Tuesday though!

  4. Lindsay

    Tagging along with you by your posts is so fun! You’ll rock those interviews, and although the egg and strawberry combo sounds weird, I think we’ll try it soon!

  5. emily

    looks like you’re having a great time and eating some wonderfully delicious food! congrats on your success with surrogate valentine!

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