The Steeping Room – Austin, TX

Our lovely hotel in Austin is actually near a popular vegetarian-friendly restaurant, The Steeping Room.  A reader recommended it to me, so I was excited to eat there.


It’s also really far from the heart of SXSW, but we still can see long line action.  I don’t know if the iPad 2 Mania from the Apple Store next door is spilling into the The Steeping Room.  Because they are really busy in the restaurant!



First, a sip of Abe’s ginger ale, which is strong and tasty.


I’m making a decision that I will order salads whenever possible during this trip.  Don’t want to get sick again, like I did in New Orleans!  So I order the Tao of Green salad, with chicken.


I picture a non-creamy sesame dressing so I order it on the side, which is a mistake!


I have the kitchen retoss it for me, which takes a little while…


…so I’m nibbling on Abe’s Ginger Tofu on Ciabatta while waiting.   It comes with veggies, pickled onion, and hummus.


Afterwards, we wind up rushing downtown to get in line for our very first SXSW movie as audience members – Sound of My Voice.


The movie is really terrific – unique, entertaining, thought-provoking, and well-acted – I especially enjoyed the performance by my dear friend Christy Meyers.

Around midnight we stop by the Opening Night party on Bourbon Street. I mean, 6th Street.


Look who I run into – my Surrogate Valentine co-star Goh Nakamura, who just flew in from San Francisco!


As we head back to our car and I hear these wonderful words: “FREE ICE CREAM!”


I’ve been wanting to try Stephen Colbert’s Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream forever.  Finally I get to tell y’all that it is delicious.  It’s vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered cone pieces, and a caramel swirl.


Ice Cream Man’s agenda is to travel the country giving away ice cream. FOR FREE. I would like to support that mission in any way I can – sign up for their newsletter or follow them on twitter to see if they’re coming near you.

The world premiere of Surrogate Valentine is in less than 5 hours.  We actually just got a 4-star review in the Examiner!  If you’re in Austin, come to the Alamo Ritz at 1:30 pm.  So, if you can, please line up an hour before that.  Goh is also performing a free concert afterwards!  It’s at The Equinox Mish Mash Show.

Hope to see you at one of these events!


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  1. Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen)

    Congratulations on the movie news! That is amazing! Free ice cream just tops the night off! I hope your trip is going well!

  2. Bill Mange

    What a great end to a great night!! I love to eat at the Steeping room. I am never disappointed!

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