Daily Archives: March 5, 2011

Brunch at the DGA

This morning I participated in a Directing/Acting Workshop. Usually I sit in 40 minutes of traffic to get to Sunset/Fairfax, but at 9:45am on a Saturday it was smooth sailing, and I found myself at The DGA building super early. Luckily, my favorite place to kill time was open There are SO MANY new products at Trader Joe’s!!! Especially excited

Lenny Kravitz Pizza

I had “American Woman” (the Lenny Kravitz version) in my head all night because of this box: I got a few free coupons from American Flatbread to sample their Artisan Pizzas. Hard to find (not in stock at two Whole Foods) and a bit pricey ($10) but filled with all kinds of goodies for a frozen product: Abe and I