National J.C. Day

Yesterday was National Pancake, Fruit Compote AND Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. I ate none of those things.

In fact, because of Doomie’s, I didn’t feel like dinner at all!


Around 9pm I tossed together a simple salad – chopped herb mix, a blood orange, and leftover Citrus Dressing from Mendocino Farms


And before hopping into bed at 11, I snacked on some strawberries…


…paired with hot cocoa


March 1st was also another National Holiday (in this household, at least)


Julius 7th birthday!!! We didn’t really do anything, other than giving him a few special extras throughout the day


You can see a little clip of toy time on his facebook page (yes, he has one) but I felt, to celebrate properly, I needed to post this old video of his acting reel (yes, he has one of those too)

Happy belated birthday, buddy!



12 thoughts on “National J.C. Day

  1. susan

    Happy birthday Julius! What a cutie.

    Are strawberries starting to taste good in Cali? I’m still waiting for them to come in season here.

  2. my nikon eats food

    those strawberries look so good. i debated buying some yesterday but didn’t =(

    happy birthday julius! i never knew the birthdays of my dogs so i always just said christmas was their birthdays haha

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