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Final Forage Foray

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Rarely do I visit a place twice in one month, but we had a lunch meeting today in Silver Lake, so we dealt with the craziness that is Forage once again


As I was waiting in line, I decided on what I wanted…


…but when I arrived at the glass case, there were a few discrepancies!

No quiche, no roasted veggies, but there WAS this beautiful plate of lentils and barley…


…and golden beets with oranges, feta, and arugala


I got both, with some broccolini sauteed in olive oil


Traded bites with Abe, who ordered the same thing, except he got a piece of Crostini (beet greens, ricotta, and pickled raisins) in lieu of the green stuff


Here’s my take on this cafe – yummy, yes. Love the seasonable, sustainable, organic business model. But not particularly amazing or adventurous; I feel like I can easily recreate the food at home, and it’s not really worth the hassle of the lines/parking/etc. This will probably be our last trip to Forage for a while.


If you visited my other blog Thick Dumpling Skin today, you already saw this video I did for National Eating Disorder Awareness week. I’ve teamed up with The National Organization of Women (NOW) for “Let’s Talk About It,” a project of their “Love Your Body Campaign.” Below is my story; please spread the word on your blogs/twitter/facebook/etc. to encourage others to make their own videos as well (submission guidelines here).


dessert - dinner

Christy was kind enough to lend me her monster suitcase for all my upcoming travels: Austin/San Francisco for film festivals (dates at the bottom of this post) then Philly and NYC for family stuff (dunno if I’ll have time for meetups but email me if you’re around in those cities early April)


Speaking of bags, I must proclaim my LOVE for Jansport – I’ve owned this since college and had all my zippers fixed under their Lifetime Warranty – in less than 2 weeks it came back virtually unrecognizable!


In fact, I thought it WAS an entirely new one, until I noticed the remnants of my AIDS red ribbon sticker from 2000


Unpacked some old luggage from the fridge


Indian Veggie Curry with Tofu and Basmati Rice from Fresh East (frozen a few weeks ago) + added broccoli – squirted with a ton of Braggs

Tasted like hippie co-op food – in a good way :)


Monday night’s post-dessert samples from Craft – a cookie, a tart, and some chocolate


The last of the fresh fruit – I need to hit a grocery store today!!!



Hot cocoa with mini marshmallows + Liz Lemon


Do you say “knapsack” or “backpack?”