Ran into a blast from the past at an audition yesterday – actress Elizabeth Hendrickson, who I worked with back in 2003 on All My Children. This clip was frighteningly easy to find online:

Ha! We were such babies!

Despite the fact that being on a soap opera 8 years ago started my whole dieting/eating disorder roller coaster, I remember that period with a lot of fondness, like sitting alongside Susan Lucci and Amanda Seyfried in the makeup chairs…definitely the longest acting job I’ve ever held!

For dinner I had the other half of my meatball sandwich from All About the Bread


Used the spicy marinara sauce to flavor some steamed broccoli


Am LOVING this last episode of Top Chef – Target and Sesame Street?!? Two of my favorite things!!!


So much fun to watch Cookie Monster while splitting the last two Momofuku treats


These babies tasted like uber buttery, sugary muffins!!!


C.M. = Cookie Muffin/Cookie Monster = someone should have made these for the challenge


We didn’t have time to finish the episode (no spoiler alerts in the comments please!!!) because we had plans to see Cedar Rapids.

Arclight now has a cool App where you can just use your phone for tickets (FYI the scanning didn’t work)


A special treat – director Miguel Arteta was there


We’ve actually seen him talk before – back in 1997, after his first film, “Star Maps.” We went to the same school and he showed it there; it was one of my first Q&A’s ever – and one of my first dates with Abe, too…

From Wesleyan to Pine Valley University; I got to go back to college twice last night 🙂


24 thoughts on “Collegiate

  1. elise

    that clip was AWESOME! haha. you remind me of katie holmes circa dawson’s creek days.
    im so bummed angelo went home. blais better win it all (or carla).

  2. biz319

    Ha – loved seeing that clip Lynn! I used to watch All My Children back in college – um, maybe 25 years ago now?! God I’m old!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Eden

    Omg, Liz used to be roommates with a really good friend of mine! Small world! And I actually worked on a small indie movie with amanda way back when I was sixteen!
    And my goodness I loved that to chef episode! Cookie monster cracked me up when he didnt think one of the contestedtants made a cookie.

  4. ChezJulie

    Oh, Lynn, you with your plots and schemes! LOL!

    I think it is a great achievement when you are able to look back at a time that was partly unhappy, and enjoy good memories of the happy parts.

  5. Erica

    I had no idea you were on All My Children! How cool! Loved the clip 🙂 And that meatball sandwich looks totally delicious. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend

  6. RoseRunner

    Omygosh, the Asian Katie Holmes… that is ridiculous. And hilarious. You look exactly the same to me, just with cute outdated clothing.

    Ms. Hendrickson looks familiar to me… I wonder if it’s from other films/shows, or because of the fact that my mom always watched that soap opera while I was growing up…

  7. theEclecticLife

    That is so cool that you ran into an old acting buddy! I love seeing people who make you reminisce of what your life used to look like before. What’s ridiculous is how little you’ve aged since that clip from 8 years ago. Whatever your secret it (maybe it’s just being Asian?) it’s working.

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