One (Kinda) Spicy Meatball

I got this Groupon to All About the Bread just a few days before the whole controversy


…apparently, so did most of these people – they were waving their printed-out coupons too.


Used my $20 credit to get 2 small sandwiches + deli sides to go


Felt like I was still digesting dumplings (!!!) so I ordered the Meatball without Provolone/Parm, since cheese + my tummy can sometimes have issues


There’s a no-substitutions policy, but since they’d run out of the Honey Lime Chicken (after I’d already paid for it) they made an exception. Which I think is kinda stupid, since aren’t I the one doing THEM the favor by saving them cheese?


Could this be the first meatball-only sandwich from All About the Bread?!?


I’m sure it would be amazing with the cheese (Los Angeles Magazine named it one of 17 Great LA Sandwiches) but even without, this was very tasty.

With just a drizzle of the slighty spicy marinara sauce


The granny smith apple slaw was also delicious – tossed with mayo, red pepper, green onions, and dried cranberries


1/2 sandwich now, 1/2 for later


Audition time!

10 thoughts on “One (Kinda) Spicy Meatball

  1. simplyshaka

    I love Groupon and would love to make a lovechild with them if possible. I don’t get what the big controversy is about the commercials. But then again, I have bigger fish to fry in my world.

    The food looks delish…..and my tummy is growling now 🙁

  2. RoseRunner

    That’s funny that everyone seemed to have a Groupon… sometimes I feel bad for the businesses that try Groupon out, and wonder if they just lose money all week.

    Also, what are they putting in those dumplings!? It’s the secret to not being hungry!

  3. Monet

    Hi lovely. I told Ry about your plans to visit Austin for SxSW…and we both got excited…I can’t wait to meet you! Your meatball sandwich looks great. And it is funny that they were so particular about their substitution policy. Maybe they get slammed with orders and they find that no substitutions makes things easier on their sandwich preppers. Thank you for sharing your heart and these eats. I hope you have a blessed Saturday!

  4. sophia

    People make a controversy out of anything and everything.

    But there should be no controvesy here…that meatball sub looks amazing!!

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